Monday, December 31, 2012


Hello Ebrykitty!

Wuz yew all wonderin why I wuz poutin da udder day? Well, I guess I bin poutin acuz Christmas bin ober an an an I kud. It reely dat simple. Acuz I dunno reely has enetin tew pouts about! Reely!

Akshully, I a furry blessed kitty! Yep! I has sew mene blessings ebry day! Creator's Son bin sew gud tew me.

I has a WUNNERFUL Ma hoo lub me wid all her hart! She feed me da bestest food  dat I LUBS - tookey patay! I has tree beds tew sleeps on. I has a grate house tew libs in! I dunno has tew shares my food or toys wid no udder kitty. Ma's furrends lubs me. I lubs Ma's furrends! I gits all da lubs I wants, an an an I gibs as mush lubs as I kins! I helthee. I drinks frum a fountin ob fresh water weneber I wants tew! I has SEW mene toys tew plays wid!

Sees? An an an I tinks all ob yew bees blessed, tew! Tinks about it!


Mush Lubs,

Saturday, December 29, 2012


pout      pout    pout     pout    Pout    Pout    Pout    Pout

POut    POut    POut    POut    POUt    POUt    POUt    POUt



Dar. dat felt gud. I dun now.

Mush Lubs,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!  It Christmas an an an I kins opens my boxes now!! I sew eggsited!  HURRIES UP, Ma an an an opens my Seekrit Santa Box!

Wut dis? It wite, round, soft, cushy - it a BEEN BAG BEDDIE! WOWIE!! Hoo dis frum, Ma??? Hoo my Seekrit Santa bees????

It LILY from Colliefurnya! WOWIE!! Wut a nice purrezzie! Tankee sew mush, Lily!

HURRIES MA!! Opens da udder big box!! Wut takin yew sew long??? Oh - it taped reel gud mol mol mol!

Wut dis?? It oval, diffrint colors, furry purrty - it a bed! It frum Mazie in Pencilvayna!!! Tankee furry mush, Mazie!

Now I has 2 noo beds an an an I has a trankwiltee blankee fur eech ob dem! WOWIE!! I sperled!

An an an Ma git a furry kyoot kitty blankee from her sister, Lydia! I kins SHARES it wid Ma! It furry warm an an an furry kyoot! I likes it sew mush! Tankee, Lydia! Yew sperls me, tew!

So I a furry happee kitty! Beddies an an an blankee.......wut more could a kitty want!

Mush Lubs,

Friday, December 21, 2012


WOWIE!! Da Big Red Box bees here! It come from Pencilvanya! An an an it travel 1508.23 miles tew gits here..............I dunno unnerstan how far dat reeely bees, but it far! MOL MOL!!

Sew now I has my 2 BIG BOXES tew opens up on Christmas mornin!! I SEW EGGSITED! In jus 3 days........ YIPPEE SKIPPEE!

I wunner wut in dem big boxes...........hmmmmmmmm! But I bin gud - I no pout at all! Now I jus furry eggsited!

Mush Lubs,

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ob korse yew kins share my dance! Da more da merrier! GETS BAK IN LINE, RUMPY!! MOL MOL!



WOWIE!! Da wind wippin, da snow blowin, dar foo (4) inshes ob snow on da ground alrede! SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!! We agunna has a WHITE CHRISTMAS - I hopes it last!

Ma sed dat tewmorro she will goes and makes Harvey fur me!! It tew windee now. 

It sew bad out dar dat Ant Peggy hab tew cancells her peeps (clients) tewda acuz dribin fury danjeris. Sew she will comes on Saturday insted ob tewmorro. She sed da hospital lose lektrik - dat no gud.

Ma an I tanful we has lektrik. It nice an warm in da housie. I agunna goes an an an cuddles wid her now!


Mush Lubs,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I Sew eggsited!! Tewmorro we agunna gits SNOW!! Yep - dat purrty white stuffs dat fall frum da sky! (Santa need snow, tew yew no!).

I reeeely likes SNOWMEN!!! I has one dat come tew visit wen it snow. He lib in one ob Ma's flower pots. His name HARVEY!! Sum ob yew rememememembers him, rite? He furry kyoot. He smile an an an I kins luks at him weneber I wants out da bak door tew da patteo! But we has tew has ENUFF snow fur Ma tew makes him! Sumtime he stay a LONG time, an sumtime he stay jus a few hours. It dunno matters. It make Ma an I furry happee!

Christmas almos heer...........I bin a furry gud gurl. I hab NO pout at all!

Mush Lubs,

Monday, December 17, 2012


I found out las nite dat I has ANNUDER BIG red BOX comin fur me - ebrytin in it fur ME!! I SEW EGGSITED!! Now I agunnas has 2 BIG BOXES tew opens on Christmas day! WOWIE CHIWOOWOO!!

NEENER NEENER MA ONLEE HAB ONE BIG BOX tew OPENS! But she gots lotsa liddl purrezzies tew opens :)

I sew eggsited I agunna duz a DANCE an an an sings a SONG!!! Yew all rememememembers my tale dance, rite??  Oh - well fur dos ob yew hoo dunno wut a tale dance bees - I tells yew!

Furst yew raises yor tale strait UP! Den yew lowers yore tale strait DOWN! Den you moob it tew da RITE an an an den yew moob it tew da LEF!! An an an den, you goes SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE wid yore TALE!

Now acuz I onlee has 3 legs, it go like dis...

Step step hop (tale up) Step step hop (tale down)
Step step hop(tale rite) Step step hop (tale lef)
SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE - da tale go round an round an round! -

But mos ob yew has foo legs sew jus take annuder step. Kleer as mud? (wudeber dat meens)!


I has one box (step step hop)
But I agunna has 2 boxes (step step hop)
Tew opens on Christmas Day (step step hop)
I a lukee cat (step step hop)
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (swishie swishie da tale etc.)

(scamper scamper scamper scamper)

I a lukee cat (step step hop)
On Christmas Day (step step hop)
I agunna has 2 big boxes (step step hop)
Tew opens up! (step step hop)
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (swishie swishie swishie)

(scamper scamper scamper scamper!!)

Mush Lubs,

pee ess - dat scamperin bees acuz I sew eggsited! MOL MOL MOL!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Iz it Christmas yet???

Dat BIG BOX still in da libin room an an an I WANTS to OPENS it...........


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALPS!!!  I Wants tew opens my SEEKRIT SANTA Big Box rite now.....................  I WILLNO POUT   I WILLNO POUT.................


Saturday, December 15, 2012


WOWIE!!  Onlee ten more days till I gits tew opens up my BIG BIG BOX frum my Seekrit Santa!! I SEW EGGSITED!!!

Hey MA! long bees 10 days????? Kins I has a SNEEK PEEK at it??? Jus open one half ob da top ob it??? PLEEEZE???

NO???  *RATS* dat NO A POUT! I jus has tew waits............sigh........

Ma an Ant Peggy bin makin Christmas cookies an an an da hous smell DELISHIS!! An Ma bin nice an gib me a small peec of a shugrrr cookie. NOM NOM NOM! It GUD!! But I canno has nun ob da speeecy cookies acuz it mite upset my tummy. Dat ok. I gits one cookie :)

Ebry mornin I walks pass dat BIG BIG BOX an I wunders wut bees inside.......... BUT, Ma hab sum rap purezzies dat she canno opens till Christmas I dunno feels sew bad now bout dat! SHE hab tew waits, tew NEENER NEENER!!

How mene hours in ten days, Ma???? WUT??? 240 hours???? Oh my dat tew mene..........


Friday, December 7, 2012

Dat BIG Box

Ebry day I walks pass dat BIG box dat MINE dat MEEN MA willno lets me open till Christmas Day. MEEN MA!!

HEY MA!!! How mene days afore Christmas???? Wut??? 18 days????? I canno counts day hi
:(  P.....ooops, I canno duz dat or I wills get kole - wudeber dat bees.......but it no gud.

Hmmmmmmmmmm an an an I walks pass dat BIG Box dat Mine an an an I sez p....p.........p.......


Thursday, December 6, 2012

I kinda konfoos............

Hey Ebrykitty!  It almos Christmas!! An an an tewda I gits a BIG BIG box! It fur ME!!! It bigger dan da box Ma got frum my MIL Deb!! (neener neener) I HAS DA BIGGEST BOX!!! but dis box no ways as mush as Ma's box.......

Eneway I gits all eggsited an an an tells ma tew HURRIES UP AN AN AN OPENS MY PURREZZIE!!! I SEW eggsited!!!

MEEN MA tol me dat NO, we canno opens it till Christmas!! WUT???? I has to waits till Christmas???? How mene days dat bees????? I wants tew opens it NOW!! POUT POUT POUT POUT :(

Um...........den my furrend Mazie tell me dat I shudo pouts acuz I will no gets Purrezzies from Santa.......I will gits kole............wudeber dat bees..............


Wut shuds I do?????

impashint Margo!

pee ess - dis box frum my Seekrit Santa!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Smashie Taters an an an Punkin Pi

MEOWIE WOWIE!! I got more treets da day affer Tanksgibin!!! SMASHIE TATERS!!! YUM!

NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Dey DELISHIS!!! Ma gib me a hole teespoon ob dem!! Kreemy, soft, sew kumfurtin! An jus da rite mount ob salt!  Purrrrrfek!!   (I learn food review frum Guy Fietti mol)!

An den Punkin Pi........WOWIE!! Dat off da hook! Dat monee!! Dat out ob bounds!!  I kins taste da cinnymin, a little nutmeg, smoooooooooooooooth kreeeeemy an an a liddl wip kreem on top....... Iffin yew asks me I sez wut Guy sez......... WINNER WINNER PUNKIN PI DINNER!!!


pee ess - yep! I sperled rotten MOL!

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Ma went out wid nabor Linda. An an an she walk tru da door an I smelt it!!


nom nom nom nom nom NOM NOM NOM NOM

OH dat sew delishis!!! Kins I has more, Ma?? GIMME MORE NOW, MA!! um......pleeeze????

Wut? save sum fur dinner???? um........well, ok.......mebbe..............jus ONE more peec ob tookey, Ma??? SNARF!!!

I has a full bellie now. OH dat tookey sew delishis................purrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

MA! Comes an an an lays down wid me sew we kins take a nap an an an dreems bout tookeys now!



Thursday, November 15, 2012

WUT????? NO TOOKEY?????

I bummed, wudeber dat meen. Ma tol me tewda dat we NO habin TOOKEY fur Thanksgiving. WUT?????  MEEN MA!! Dat SEW MEEN! Dat MEENER den MEEN!!! I agunna goes on STRIKE..........I tink dat meen pout pout pout.....

Needer Ma or Ant Brenda feel gud nuff tew makes a tookey an an an Ma dunno feels like habin company. Sew dey agunna gits a SHIKEN! WUT???? Dar no sush ting as a *Thanksgiving SHIKEN*!!
Dat jus rong :(  Ant Brenda agunnas has Unkie Carl pick up a cook SHIKEN at Wolly World. *RATS"* I sew disappoint...............



Pouty Margo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

(snicker snicker)

First, I wants tew sez Welkum tew Amy an an an her Dad, Wayne! Dey dunno has no cat. Dey like cats, but deyLUBS me! Dey has a dog, a Jerk Russell Terror name Odie. I neber met him, but I dunno tinks I wants tew......mol!

Yew all no dat I a furry sweet, lubbin kitty, an an an I takes reeeel gud care ob Ma! I lubs her sew mush, an an an she LUBS ME!......hmmmmmmmmmmm........dat almos sound like a song.........

Eneways, Ma bin hootin tewda in her bak. Sumtin call *syattyka*. Sew she limpin round las nite an an an didno sleeps gud at all.

But I slept wid her. I kuddle wid her, an an an sang her a nice lullyboo. an I purrrr purrrr PURRRRRRR till she goes tew sleeps. She toss, turn an an an wiggle. but I stays wid her an an an gibs her little kissies tew lets her no dat I wid her an an an dat I lubs her.

She finally sleep on da coush. all ob a sudden da fone ring. Ma go tew answers it. Dat wen she found da PURREZZIE I lef fur her in da hall by da bedroom!


snicker snicker snicker snicker

My tunny hoot an an an I barf in da hall by da lees I dinno barfs on da KARPET!! Ma shuds preshiate dat!

Sew I runs tew haaaaalps her. She luk at me an mumble sumtin an an an I sez Mew! Mew! an an an she grumbles sum more.

See? I sush a sweet kitty dat I leebs purrezzies fur Ma. I shur it haalp her feels beder.

snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Boy I MAD at Dat Dum Bird. He bin tweetin all day long an an an he dunno eben has a *SMART PHONE*!!!!!

(snicker snicker snicker snicker!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012



I Sew askairt!!! Dar bees 2 eyes an an an a meen frown on its face :( like dat. It agunna eeets me up!!! MAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

She on da coush sew I runs an an an jumps on her an an an grabs her nek an an an I hangs on fur deer life! My hart poundin an anI shakin........

Ma take me wid her an an an she go intew da baffroom.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ma!!!

She open da litterbox an an an she start gigglin an an an den laffin an an an I sez tew her

WUT SEW FUNNEE, Ma!! SEE??? DA MONSTER!! Ma put me down an an an sez

*Margo, that is NOT a monster. That is your POOP!! See?*

Ma git da skoop an an an .............she bin rite. I made a POOPIE MONSTER!! WOWIE!! How mene kitties duz dat??

Kins yew saves it, Ma? Or mebbe takes a pikshur ob it??? I makes a POOPIE MONSTER! I sew purroud!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

I bees kiltin Da Bird.......

Today a diffykult day. My hip hoot. It cool an an an damp an an an Ma seen me limpin. Sew she took out dat hot hot pad an an an put it in my fishy bed. OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Dat feel sew mush beder! Tankee furry mush, Ma. An I takes a cat nap.

Affer a wile I feels rowdy an an an I wants tew kilts DA take ma a wile tew figgrs out wut I yowlin bout.........she kinda slow tewda. Sew I chase dat bird an an an I KIK KIK KIK KIK KIK CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP dat bird an an an I races round the kishen an stalks dat bird.....I FEROSHIS!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!

All ob a sudden DDB start skwawkin an skreechin! MAN he bin LOUD! SHUTS UP yew DUM BIRD!!

MA!! Makes him shuts up! He gibin us BOT a hedake!!..............Ma still kinda slow..........she yell at him an tell DDB dat he hab fresh food fresh water fresh cage an an an den dat werd come out ob her mouf.......


Oh I hates wen Ma sez dat werd tew me! But DDB DESERB dat werd! Dum Bird!! Ma sit down an put her hed in her hands. Guess she askin Creator's Son wut tew do..........

Den Ma git da spray bottle an an an I yells MA!! Makes shur dat water an no VINNYGRRRRR!!! yew no wid it sew CHEKS!!! She did.

DDB histerrykil wen he git a baff. Ma spray da front ob him, den da bak ob him, den he turn his rear end up sew she kins sprays him I decides tew cheers Ma up.

SPRAYS HIM GUD, Ma!! In fak, I hungree............GOES AHED AN AN AN DROWNS HIM, MA!! USE DA VINNYGRRRR!! Dat make him tastes eben beder!!!! mol mol!

Ma gib me a funnee luk.........

Well, DDB shuts up, an sew now Ma an I agunna takes a nap!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Kilt Da Bird

No, I dinno kilts Dat Dum Bird...........much as I wuds likes tew eets him up........No, Ma git me da toy call *Da Bird*!

It a wand toy wid fethers an an an it fly round like a reeeel bird! It furry eggsitin! I lubs tew cach it an an an kilts it! Now I dunno jumps an spins like da cat in da commershul acuz I onlee has 3 legs. But I stalks it reel gud. I LIKES playin an kiltin Da Bird!!

Tankee furry mush, Ma fur gittin me dis wunnerful toy!

Mush Lubs,

pee ess..........iffin yew dunno has Da Bird yew shuds asks yore pawrents tew gits one fur yew! Ma git hers on

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Plays Hides an an an Seeks

One ob my fabrit games tew plays wid Ma bees *Hides an an an Seeks*! Wen Ma bizee, I hides somewares in da housie. Den I YOWLS at da top ob my lungs until Ma come an find me. Den she sez *Gotcha!* an an an I runs runs runs round da housie!

Den I finds ANNUDER place tew hides an an an duz da same ting. It FUN! Yew shuds tries it! It always make Ma laff, an an an dat gud! I duz dis tree or foo times an den Ma pik me up an cuddle me. I likes dat tew!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

I SUSH a gud gurl!

Ma bin takin a nap. She hab a ruff day wid pane. Sew I sleeps wid her.  But sumtin not rite, I kins tell. Ma's blood sugar gettin tew low.

SEW, I POUNCES on her chess (OOOOOF!! Margo!) Den I smaks her nose an kissies her face.
(OK OK OK Margo, get off me!).  She chek her blood sugar an it onlee 65!

She pik me up, gib me kissies, bring me wid her tew da kishen an she git a drink ob joos. Den she tell me I SUSH A GUD GURL!!!!!

Well, ob kors I bees a gud gurl! I a *Registered Kitty Nurse*  an an an I takes gud care ob yew acuz I LUBS YEW, MA!!!

Margo, R. K. N.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

KORN on Ma's FUT?????

Boy.........tings gettin weeeerder an weeerder in dis house. First it bees dat haybiskit flower, an today Ma tell Ant Brenda dat she hab KORN on da bottom ob her fut!!

KORN??? Wut korn???? I dinno sees no korn! I dinno smells no korn....... an an an iffin I did smells it I prolly wudda eeeeten it!

But korn bees messy. WHY yew has korn on your FUT, Ma??? I dunno unnerstans!!!

Eneways, Ma go out dis mornin. She bin gone tew long. More dan a hour. Dat tew long :(  She call Ant Brenda an tell her dat da BAD BAD FUT DOC DOC REMOOOOOOB da korn frum da bottom ob her fut.......

Well, Ma - WARE IS IT??? I wants tew sees dat KORN! I dunno beleeeebs yew!! NO hoomin I no hab KORN on dar futs!

Sheesh. Wut will she comes up wid neks????


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I reeely likes fowers. Yep! In fak, ebry time Ma git sum, I needs tew sniffs dem rite away. Iffin she dunno lets me, I carries on yowlin until I gits tew sniffs dem.

Sew Ma bin talking wid a furrend on da fone bout flowers. Yew no, roses, dayzees, jonkwills, krokiss, panzees an *Hay-Biskits*!

WUT??? Ma - did yew sez *Hay- Biskits*?  WUT in da WERLD bees a HAY-BISKITS???? I never herd ob dat I neber seen one ob sound like it sumtin fur a HOOS tew eeets - yew no - hay on a biskit..yuck! I dunno tinks I eben wants tew SNIFFS one ob dem *HAY-BISKITS*..........P U !!

Ma iffin dis bees reeel I needs tew sees a pikshur ob dat hayroll flower...... Wut? It pronounc *Highbiscuss*...........oh, wudeber lemme sees dat pikshur!

Sew Ma surf da *internets* an an an find a pikshur ob dat haybiskits. WOWIE!! Dat one big flower! It furry purrtee! I Wants One NOW, Ma!! Gits me a haybiskit flower now!!!! um........pleeeeeez? NO, MA! I am no a hoos! Stops teezin me.......smak!

Sheeeeesh. Now I agunna dreems bout dem hayrolls all nite.........


Friday, September 14, 2012

WUT a week..............

Ma bin furry meen lately. Las Frida she leeb me alone. I DUNNO likes tew bees lef alone :( She come home an her eyes bees wet. I no she miss me, but reeely.........mol!

Saturday MEEN MA leeb me AGIN! :( :( :( Wen she come bak, she has a bag ob APPLES! Dey smells gud, sew I asks her fur one...........I dinno likes it furry mush sew I spits it out.

Sunday, Ma's birfda,  Ant Peggy come in da affernoon an dat bin reeeel nice! She gib me lots ob tenshun. I need dat acuz Meen Ma leeb me alone sew mush. MEEN MA!

Monday Meen Ma bin gone a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! Boy I bin upset wen she git home. But she all happee an an an smilin.  I glad tew sees dat Meen Ma bees in a gud mood. She sit an puts her futs up acuz dey hoot an an an I no dat, sew I climb in her lap an an an gibs her kissies an an an I purrrrrrssssss!

Toosda Ma no in sush a gud mood. Her *internets* stop werkin. Ma dunno likes dat. Den Ant Brenda call all upset tinkin Ma no ok. Den Ma find out her phone dinno werks.......Ma bin upsets agin...........

Wednesday NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK on da door........DA POOLEEEEES! MA!! Wut did yew dew?????? I agunna runs an hides sew I dunno goes tew jale........HONEST MA!! I dinno pull dat kord.............

Later dat nite, AGIN, NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK - da partment manager come tew sees iffin Ma bees ok........well, Ma bees fine an an an I dunno unnerstans dis..........

Ma bin stress. I dunno likes it wen Ma bees stress. Sew I tries tew haaaaalps her. I walks round da house yowlin reeeeeel sad like. Frum my bellie. No a moo, jus a sad OWOOOOOOOOO OWOOOOOOO! MEEN MA tell me tew *KWITCHERBELLYAKIN, MARGO!! Sheesh. Ma gwumpee :(

Yesserda Virginia come ober tew duz Ma an my laundree. Virginia FURRY smart! She no how tew puts tewgedder Ma's pooter tingies an an an she git a fone fur Ma tew. Ma feel a lot beder after dat.

Den tewda, FINALLY, Ma's pooter AND fone werks. Sheesh. Wut a week.

OH OH OH - an an an Ma git 3 boo-k's fur her birfda!!! One fur me acuz it bees frum MY furrends Be-Little an an an Baby G! One from Ant Brenda, an an an one frum Lainy! I gits tew smells ALL ob dem an an an dey smells WUNNERFUL! I LUBS flowers! Sew I tells Ma dey MY flowers. No hers. MINE MINE MINE MINE! She sez ok Margo wudeber mol mol!

Sew, tings bak tew normal heer now. Tankee Creator's Son furry mush. An an an tankee tew all Ma's furrends fur purrayin fur her an an an carin sew mush fur an an ME!

Mush Lubs,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ma's Birfda Purrezzie!

Ma's birfda bees Sunday. Ebry yeer I stresses bout wut tew gits her, cuz my lowance onlee bees nuff for food (I HUNGREE MA!! FEEDS ME NOW!!), da Bad Bad Vet Man visit (PFFFFFFFFFFFT!) an an an litter box stuff (*BLUSH*). I always ends up gibin her LOTS ob cuddles, kissies, an an an purrrrrrs, and she lub dat - I duz, tew!

But dis yeer, I reeeeely gibs her a grrrrrrate purrezzie! Las nite I dinno feels tew gud, an an an I starts tew *MOOOOOOOOOOOO* Ma sez I sounds like a cow.......I NO A COW, MA!!! I  A CAT!!! My tummy dinno feels tew gud. Sew, Ma came lukin fur me, an an an she cudno sees me acuz it dark an she dinno has her glasses on.  She stop, an an an I goes HACK an an an out come a HUGE HARBALL!!! Rite ontew Ma's lef fut! WOWIE!! Wut a shot!! I cudno hab dun dat iffin I reeely tried! snicker snicker snicker snicker mol mol mol mol HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR! OH I canno STANDS it HAAR HAAR

an an an I starts tew *MOO* agin an an an Ma pik me up wid dat harball STILL on her FUT an she put me intew da baffroom.

Dat da funnest an bestest giftie I eber gib Ma! Rite on her fut! OH DAT FUNNEE!!!!



Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey Effuryone!

It me.........I dinno runs away. I bin takin care ob Ma. She bin takin care ob me. Dat gud. I likes my drinkwell. Dat gud. I has a noo doggie furrend name Marti. Dat gud. He lib in Florida. Dat gud. We apposta gits rain tewda. Dat gud. DDB gib me a hedake. Dat NO gud :(

He LUB his spoon toy. He git reeely rowdy wid it. He swing on it, CHEE CHEE CHEE. He beak da beeds on it CHEE CHEE CHEE. He ring da bell ober and ober. CHEE CHEE CHEE. He take da bell an pull it up tew da top ob da kaj (luks out below........!) an an an let it go. CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE!!!!! It make him happee but it gib me a hedake. grumble grumble.

MA!  DDB need a MUZZLE on his beek!!


Saturday, August 11, 2012


Ma sew funnee! She gettin undress an an an her bra pop an flip an it git stuk in her undies an an an SHE HAB A TALE!!!! MOL MOL MOL ROTFMOL!! She cudno git it off her undies! MOL MOL MOL!

Sew I teeezez her an an an I swats at dat bra. Duz Ma no how dum she luk??? HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR hic hic hic MOL MOL hic hic hic MOL ROTFMOL! Dat a gud one, Ma!

Ma grumpin an tryin tew gits it off an dat make me eben I GRABS it an YANKS an an an it come!

I haaaalps yew, Ma! yew dunno has a tale no more!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I has a Foontin

Da udder day dis B I G box arrib at da frunt door. Ma tell me dat dis box fur ME!! WOWIE I sez! It reeeeely B I G ! ! !  Dat meens LOTS ob TOYS or LOTS ob FOODS!! HURRIES, Ma - opens it up NOW!!! I impashint!!

Sew Ma open da box - nooooooooooo toys.....*RATS!*  nooooooooo foods.......*RATS!* Nope. Den I seez a bowl. How eggsitin.........NOT!! *RATS!* I dunno needs annuder bowl.

Den dar bin a liddl tower wid a arm. Ok I tinks.....dat interestin.

Ma kleen it up, fills it wid water an I gibs her a funnee luk. Den she plug it in an an an all ob a sudden, dat bowl become a FOONTIN!! Da water drip off da arm intew da bowl!

OH! Dat interestin I tinks. Sew, I goes tew inspeks. I takes a liddl drink. WOWIE! Dis water taste GUD!! Hmmmmmmmmm an an an I drinks sum more. I decides dat I LIKES dis foontin. Now I has runnin water all da time an an an I dunno has tew wakes up Ma at 4am fur a drink frum da shower hosie. Fresh, filter water. LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP!

Ma sed she furry happee acuz I drinkin more den I usta drinks. She sed she know acuz I pee more in da litter box *BLUSH* sheesh I embarrs myself :(

Sew Ma happe, and I happee. DDB cudno cares. He ignorinit. Dat a form of ignore. Dat acuz he dum.

a well watered Margo
a happee Ma
a truly dum bird!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK! Ma git up an anser da door. Hoo dat? I asks. All ob a sudden, deez KIDS an an 2 big peeps comes in da door! Hey Ma - yew no all deez peeps an an an kids???????

I had tew inspeks all ob dem. Lots ob diffrint smells! Dar dis liddl gurl, Ayla. She bout 4 yeers old. She SEW sweet an an an I lubs her SEW mush! I gibs her kissies on her leg an an an she pet pet pet me! I talks tew her an an an she smile! MA!! Kins I KEEPS Ayla??? I lubs her!

Da big man pet me, too! He talk tew me. Now I has LOTS ob noo furrends! WOWIE!! I sew eggsited!

It make Ma furry happee, tew! She git a bag of froot, inkludin a banananananana! I no she like banananananas! Dat furry totful ob dem.

Wut a grate day! I eggzawsted now! I agunna takes me a nap an an an dreems bout me an Ayla!

Mush Lubs,

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I bees in trubbles agin.......(no da same kind)

I has a lot ob jobs tew do, yew no. I bees Ma's full time noos, ob kors. An an an I keeps her companee. We bin wachin da Olympiks. GO USA GO USA!! USA hab LOTS ob MEDALS!! Ways tew go afleeeets!!

Sumtime I dunno unnerstans zaklee wut dem afleeeets bees doin. An an an I canno figgrrrr out why sum ob dem lift hevy bars wid donuts on da end. Snatch an Jerk. Dat sound jus horrybull!!

Furgib me...I digress................MOL!

Eneways, annuder job I has is Male Inspektor. Ma get male ebry day. She git posty kards, letters, pakajis, an an an stuffs like dat. An an an sumtime dar bees a letter or pakij fur ME!! An I lets Ma no iffin da letter or pakij bin neer a dog or cat. Speshilly a cat. Speshilly iffin it bees from my troo lub an an an husband, Mikey :) *blush* I dunno likes it iffin it smell like smoke. YUK!

Sew tewday I haaaaaalps ma an I inspeks her male. Posty Card from Israel. Furry nice!! Posty Card from Canada - a butterfly!! Furry nice! Letter frum a pen pal. Ma like dat.

Den dar bin dis pakij. Ma git da sizzors an cut it open. All ob a sudden dis BEEYOOTEEFUL, soft,  TEMPTIN peec ob LACE fall an an afore Ma kins eben sees it, I practize my OLYMPIC SKILL of *SNATCH AN RUN*!! I grab dat lace acuz it MINE an an an I RUNS!!

Onto my throne, under da peeano bench, underoverunderober da rungs ob da kishen chares (Ma git up an sez *MARGO! What in the world do you have??* an an an I dunno ansers her!) She start tew chase me an an an I runs FASTER (I a gud sprinter!). I dashes intew da bedroom an an an jus afore I gits under da bed, Ma grab my tale (DUNNO TUCH MY TALE!!)!! I turns around tew smaks her an an an she SNATCH dat lace frum me!!! MEEN MA!!! MEEN, MEEN MA!!

MEEEEEEYOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GIMME MY LACE BAK!!! IT MINE MINE MINE!!! MEEN MA put dat peec ob BEEYOOTEEFUL, soft, temptin (an delishis) lace in her drawer. MEEN MA!!!!

Sew I pouts an pouts an pouts an sits by dat drawer. Ma luk at me an shakes her hed. She sed sumtin bout steelin frum her. Sew I tells her I dinno STEELS it, I SNATCH it!!! Meen Ma!


Monday, July 30, 2012

UT OH............I bees in TRUBBLES.......

Dar bees dis kord in da baffroom an an an bedroom. An an an I likes tew plays wid it. Ma always YELL at me tew *don't touch that, Margo!!*  MEEN MA!!

Sew, wen Ma wasn't lukin, I plays wid dat kord an an an I gits wild an an an I YANKS on it reel hard. I plays sum more an den goes in tew bees wid ma.

All ob a sudden NOK NOK NOK NOK Miss Garcia are you OK?? Ma git dis funnee luk on her face an an an she anser da door, an an an dar bees sum nabors an an an da PAWLEES!!!

I tinks - OMYGUDNESS WUT did MA DUZ?? Is she agunna bees arrest???????? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALPSS!!

Ma talk tew dem an an an den she gib ME a an an I tinks OH NOES  - DEY AGUNNA ARREST ME?? Wut did I duz rong?????

Ma tell dem dat she ok. Dey she sez MY an an giv me annuder luk..........ut oh............I in trubbles............

Ma shut da door an she luk at me REEEEL MEEEEEN! Sew I runs under da bed. She sit on da bed an an an tell me dat I bees in trubbles fur pullin dat kord.........dat why da pawlees an an I beder no do dat agin.........

BUT I DINNO DUZ NUTTIN, MA............... sheesh


Friday, July 20, 2012

From Ma's point of view.......

It was 3am and I hear this noise......bang bang bang bang bang!! It didn't sound like it was someone knocking at the door, so I got out of bed, and there in the bathroom, in the shower stall, Margo was banging the shower hose around because she wanted a drink of water!!!

I thought it was quite funny, actually, but I didn't appreciate getting up in the middle of the night to do that when she had just taken a drink before we went to bed!

I ordered a small drinkwell. I don't know where I am going to put it, but I am not willing to turn on the shower at 3am! She absolutely refuses to drink out of a bowl or cup.

I know, I know.........she has me tightly wrapped around her 3 little paws........... and I still love her to pieces :)



MA!!!! Why duz yew INSISTSTSTSTSTSTS on embarss me like dis????? Sheesh!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dis mornin I heers nok nok at da front door. Ma open da door an an an Connie, da partment manajer come in an sez dat she agunna duz a *INSPECTION*.

Well, I comes out an sez MEOWIE tew an an tells her dat she dunno needs tew do no inspekshun acuz I takes care ob dat! I inspek da hous ebry day!!! Yep! I makes shur dat no bugs or spiders or nuttin like dat surviv. I makes shur dat no dum boycat get on our bak pateeo. I runs tew da door ebry time sumbuddy come. Sew she dunno needs tes inspek.

She tel me wut a gud gurl I bees an an an she stroke me an an an I lubs on her. I likes her sew mush! But she hab tew inspek da hous.

Sew, I follows her round sew dat I kins inspek da hous jus like she do.

First she luk in Ma's bedroom. Den she pull dis cord an it make a noise....I neber seen dat cord afore............dat luk like FUN!! I WILLS INSPEK DAT CORD EBRY DAY!!

'No, no, Margo! she sez. 'Don't play with that!'


Den she go intew da baffrom an an an I gets nerbis! I slinks in an sits in front ob my litter box.........PLEEEZ dunno inspek my litter box - I sew embarss..........*blush*

'Don't worry, Margo, I won't touch your box'

I furry releeb bout dat - no pun intend MOL MOL MOL!!!

Den she opend da door tew da furnace - I no allow in dar........but I sneeks a peek. Sew far, sew gud!

Den she go intew da kishen.

'Margo, I see you ate all your food, good girl!'

Ob kors, I sez! She luk under da sink an I sneeks a peek, I no allow in dar. She open d fridge...........snif Snif SNif SNIf SNIF
SNIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! OH! dat smell reeel gud! I gots tew figgrrr out how I kins  um, *inspek* dat ebry day.......snicker snicker snicker.

DEN she open da oven...........WOWIE!! Dat smell FANTASTIK!! YUM...........lemme in dar, Connie!

'No, no, Margo! Don't get in the oven!'

and she push me away......MEEN CONNIE!!!

She tell Ma dat da hous pass inspekshun. Well, I tol her she dinno has tew inspek it!!! I bin rite!!

She lub on me an talk tew Ma. Den I tells Ma dat I kins inspek da house jus like Connie did an an an Ma luk at me kinda funnee...............

Mush Lubs,

pee ess DDB jus figgrr out dat he kins play wid the spoon toy dat come from across da Big Pond! He been askairt ob it wen Ma put it in da kaj. He shake an an an cower in a corner! I guess he figgrrr out dat it will no hurts him. Tadah! Dum Bird. Sew, now he kins make da bell goes ting-a-ling. He kins beak da beeds on da spoon. He kins beaks it all he want. Wut a dum bird!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ma tol me tewda dat Ant Peggy no agunna bees her aid no more. WUT???? WHY?:???? Dids I dew sumtin bad??? MA!!! Wut happen tew her????? I furry upset acuz I LUBS MY ANT PEGGY!!! I no bin a bad kitty.............

She gots a noo person? A all day person????


Oh Noes..........I agunna miss her sumtin awful...........sigh. I furry, furry, furry sad. (Margo's tail hangs down, she gets a very sad look on her face, and goes onto her throne and pouts).

I dunno likes changes........

Lubs, a furry furry sad

Monday, July 9, 2012


Guess wut????? I found out dat iffin you *GOOGLE* (wudeber dat bees) my blog, 'Margo's Mewsings' on dat *google* tingie, a link to dis blog - MY BLOG come up!!

WOWIE!! I on dat GOOGLE ting! Dat meen I famis!! I a STAR!!! I a SELEBRITY!!!!!

I sew egsited!! Not only is I BEEYOOTEEFUL, I also FAMIS!!!! Oh my gunness...........wut shuds I do??...


Wut, Ma? I dunno has a big hed.......what yew meens? My hed bees purrfik fur my body..............


pee ess.........iffin yew reeds my blog, pleeez tells your furrends bout it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Beddie Buddie

Hello Furrends! I gots a noo Beddie Buddie dat I reeeely lubs a lot - no as mush as I lubs Ma - but a lot! It B I G  it S O F T  it gots PINK eeers, feets, tale an an an mouf..........

Ma an I plays kach wid it, too! Wen I sits on my throne, she toss it, I kach it an beats it up, an smaks it on to da floor! We do dis fur a wile!

Kins yew guess hoo my noo Beddie Buddie bees???

MOOSE-ETTE!! Oh I lubs her sew mush! She make a wunnerful pillo fur my an an I always has gud dreems wen Moose-Ette sleep wid me! I wills plays wid her fureber - I willno kilts her. Nope. Neber. Acuz I lubs her - no as mush as I lubs my Mikey - but I lubs her!

Mush Lubs,

pee ess...........I hopes yew all bees ok in dis terriorable hit 108 heer tewda an an an beleeb me, DAT HOT!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Guess wut kitty furrends???? I had sush an eggsitin weekend! My furrend Oly's Mommy an an an Grandmommy came tew visits me!!! Yep!!! All da way from Kansas.......

Hey, Ma - Kansas ware Dorotee lib, yew no, Dorotee from da Wizurd ob Odds???

Well, eneway, dey dinno brings no tornado. Turns out dey dinno no brings Dorotee, eeder! Oh well......

I REEEEELY REEELY like dem!!  An ob kors, dey LUBS me, tew!! I gibs dem purrs an an an kissies an an an hedbonks!! I no dey *cat peepl*!

An an an , well, ob kors, dey brot  me (an Ma an DDB) purrezzies. Well, it ok dat Benny git a purrezzie once in a wile.......I no jelis....jus remememember dat I deserb MORE purrezzies den he duz......acuz I da Queen ob da hous!!

Eneways, dey brot me a BIG BIG Mousie!! It HYOOJ!! it a gurl acuz it gots pink eers, eyes, nose, tale, an an an feets! Sew I name her Moose-Ette! (moose bees a big deer, but Moose bees a boy I fix dat!)

It agunna takes me a L O N G time tew kilts Moose-Ette! I gots a lot ob kikin, chompin an an an restlin tew dew! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!

Dey also brot me CAN FOOD!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Tookey!! My fabrit!!!!!! Oh dat sew nice ob dem!

Oly's Mommy bring Ma a printer an stuffs an an an she *install* it fur Ma. Dat furry nice ob her! I haaaalps her wid her work. I supervise! She dew a purrfek job!

I wants tew keeps dem, but Ma sed dey has kitties ob dar own tew takes care ob, sew dey went bak tew Kansas.

Wut a grrrrrrrrrrrate day! I gots 2 noo fureber furrends!! I sew happee!!

Tankee furry Mush, Oly's Mommy an an an Grandmommy!!

Mush Lubs,

I would like to express my thanks to these fine people for remembering me as well. I don't often get such delectible treats. Thank you very much for the millet sprays and blueberry millet sprays.

Most Sincerely,
BeNnY tHe BeAkEr

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Furrends,

I furry sorree I habno bin heer furry mush. Ma no bin doin sew well an an an I bin noosin her full time. But I doin GRRRRRRRRRRRATE!!

I duz wants tew menshun dat 2 ob my deer kitty furrends hab gone tew heben resintly.

Violet bin one ob my furst furrends on Catster. I furry sad dat he pass away.

Alfie, frum Across da Big Pond also pass away. He sent me my Fishie Bed dat I lubs.

Ma an I bot had wet eyes.

I tryin tew stays out ob trubbles............mol mol mol!!! But it dunno always werks! I wills rite more later. Ma need tew runs a *errand* wudeber dat bees.

I hab miss my furrends an an an I sends yew all Big Big hedbonks an an an purrrrrrrs!

Mush Lubs,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



 Ma git up in da middle ob da nite. She complayn bout habin a *creek* in her nek. I sez WUT CREEK???? Yew dunno has water on yore nek? Wut yew talkin bout, Ma??? An she gib me a luk.....

Eneway, she go tew da baffroom. I feelin kinda FEISTY!! OH YEAH!!! Sew wen she come bak intew da bedroom, I makes my eyes reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel big an an an I dubbl kinks up my tale an an an I croushes on da bed.

Wudeber dat *creek* ma hab in her nek make her smart !!! She no dat I wants tew PLAYS!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Sew she git my wand toy wid da fethers an an an I chases dem bak an for an bak an for an ontew da bed an bak on da floor............I gits a gud werkout MOLMOL! An an an I races round da bed.

Den I POUNCE ontew Ma!! KISSY KISSY KISSY KISSY *PUFFFFFFFFFFFFF*......ooooooops! Skyoozes me, Ma! WOW!! Dat stinkeeee MOL MOL!

Z"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"O"OM!! Intew da libin room on top ob da coush on da arm ob da coush, under da table under ober under ober under ober da chares an an an an
Z"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! intew da litter box................................

I feels beder now!!

Ma, git yoreself intew bed! It late an an an I needs tew sings yew a lullyboo now! MA!!! GIT OFF DAT POOTER AN AN AN GOES TEW BED!!!!! NOW!!!!

Mush Lubs,

Friday, March 23, 2012

A STRESSFUL an an an NERBIS day :(

Ant Peggy come tewday. She an Ma hab tew change tings in da bedroom acuz ob da *emergency alert cord*. It bin ahind a cabinet an dat a no no. Dat in case Ma fall an need haaaalps. She kins yanks on dat cord an an an help come.

BUT..................My bed get MOOB!! DUNNO MOOBS MY BED!!! Da bedroom a MESS! I DUNNO LIKES DAT!! I wants my bed bak NOW!!! Dey moob dis an dat an dat an dis an WUT a MESS MY bedroom bin :( Dey moob  my STEPS intew da libin room, so I gits on top ob it an an an YOWLS at da top ob my lungs. I voices my DISPLEASHUR!!!

Den, Meen Ant Peggy git out da MEEN LOUD DIRT EETIN MASHINE :(  I dunno likes dat eeder. It HOOOOOT MY EEERS! Sew I runs tew Ma an gits on her lap.

Den.....Ant Peggy found my STASH!!! *RATS!*  Dat ware I keeps all ob my toys an an an treshurs dat I finds in da hous...... She FOUND my shiny rok on a pin :( I LUBS dat rok on a pin (cz earring). Meen Ant Peggy!

FINALLY da bedroom finish. My steps no in da same place. My BED no in da same place. I no shur I likes dis furry mush. Ma sed *oh well, it complies with the rules* sew I dunno tinks she tew happee eeder.

A little later on, I heers noise dat I dunno likes an an an I gits nerbis.  Ant Peggy neber seen me like dis. Ma tell her dat a severe storm comin. It start tew thunder. A few minits later ROKS falls out ob da SKY!! HAAAAAAAAAAAALPS!! An an an I climbs on top of Ma's hed.........I sew askairt! Ma take me off her hed an an an I gits my hed under her stinkee arm pit (I like stinkee!). Them roks fall out ob da sky an an an makes sew mush noise hittin da hous an an an window an an an I ASKAIRT!!! Ma hold me tite. Ant Peggy sed it *pee size hale* - wudeber dat meen. I dunno cares - it ASKAIRTS ME!!!

Finally it ober. I eggzawsted. My tale down. I no sew happee. Ma feed me. I takes 2 bites an an an goes intew da bedroom. Ma lift up da cubbers ob da bed fur me an an an I finds my spot an an an goes tew sleeps. I hopes tewmorro bees a beder day :(


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yew all nos bout da *Terminator*, rite?? Well, I bees *DA INTIMMYDATOR*!!! I bet yew dinno dat I has a BLAK BELT in INTIMMYDASHUN!!!!

I bin mindin my own bizniss dis mornin, layin in my fishy bed enjoyin da sunshine wen all of a sudden, dis yeller boycat come trottin along.

'rrrrrrrrrrr' I sez. 'rrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr' Dat dum boycat come closer. 'rrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOO' An an I arches my bak, fluffs up to level 4 fluffometer, puts my eeeers bak, makes my eyes intew slits an an an

He take one more step an an an I HISSSS SPPPPIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT an an an I starts throwin myself aginst da skreen door. 'rrrrrrrrrrr spit spit spit an an an I gits redy tew attaks DDBC (dat dum boycat) an Ma come runnin tew sees wut agoin on an an *MARGO!!*

Woosh zooooooooooooooom DDBC go runnin wid its tale between its legs an an an I keeps on spittin an an an growlin!!! Ma pik me up DUNNO PIKS ME UP MA I MAD!! 'RRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Meen Ma close da door. But I still MAD. I pace bak an fort bak an for bak an fort yowlin an an an spittin fur a gud ten minits. Den I lays in my bed and wach intently - all ober da back patteeo an an an MY property!

How DARE DD(yeller)BC come an an an steps on MY PATTEEOO!! IT MINE! NO YORS! Yew agunna GITS it yew dum yeller boycat! Gud ting Ma stop me acuz I was agunna yanks yore tale off an an an beets yew up gud! Yew BEDDER NO EBER COMES BAK yew dum yeller boycat - an iffin yew duz comes bak, I no responsble fur wut happen tew yew..........dumm yeller boycat!

Sew I finally calms down. Ant Peggy come tew dew shoppin fur Ma. Ant Peggy see dat dum Jerk Russel Terror name Heidi comin dis way. DDJRT bin on a leesh. DDJRT bees fat as a hog (dat fatter den a pig, yew no). She got dis stub fur a tale. Well, Heidi DDJRT see me. An I seen her...................

She come runnin up tew da skreen door an in a instant, I turns intew DA INTIMMYDATOR!! Eeeeers bak, body fluffometer level 5, eyes intew tiny slits, arch bak an an an

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOOrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooo! SLAM SLAM SLAM. DDJRT - she dunno has much ob a tale tew yanks, but she sew fat she canno runs fast, sew I wud grab ontew her eeers an BITES her.
Ant Peggy sez No, Margo! Heidi will not hurt you! an an an she pik me up.........dat her big mistake.......RRRRRRRRRRRRRR
OOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRoooooooo an an an I hiss an spppiiitt at Ant Peggy! She let me down kwik.... an Ma come runnin agin but she dinno piks me up. Ma smart. I bin about redy tew BITES!!! I SEW UPSET!!! Ma close da blinds tew da bak patteeo sew I kudno sees I went AHIND da blinds an an an I pace an pace an pace bak an fort an bak an fort.......

Ant Peggy shok. Furry shok. She never seen me like dis. She git down on da floor an an an call me. I still agitated. But I goes ober tew her an an an I tells her dat NODOGGY, NOKITTY welcome on MY bak patteeo! Dey bees riskin dar life by steppin on my propertee.

JUS STAYS OFF MY PATTEEO DDJRT, DDBC, an an an eny udder dog or cat!!

Sheesh. Bein *DA INTIMMYDATOR* hard werk. It make me furry hungree.  Sew Ma feed me an an an I calms down. Sheesh. Two intimmydashuns in one day. I tinks I lose a pound acuz I use sew mush energee. Can I has some more foods, Ma?


Friday, March 16, 2012

NOOOOOOOO, MA! Dunno do dat.........

Tewda bin warm. Almos hot. Ma turn on da seelin fans an open da bak an front door. Nice breeze go tru da hous. AN my bed bin in da sunshine! Sew I took a loooooooooong sunbath nap! It felt GUD!

Den Ant Peggy come to kleens da house. Ma an Ant Peggy talk about DDB. All ob a sudden, Ma take his kaj, an an an put him OUTSIDE on  one ob da planters on da patteeeooo!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MA!! Yew KRAZY????? WHY yew takes DDB outside??? I dinno gibs yer permishin tew dew dat!! BRINGS HIM BAK INSIDE, MA!! MA!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Ma agnore me. I sew nerbis!!! I asks iffin I kins go outside, tew an an an Meen Ma sed NO!! MEEN ROTTEN MA!! She let DDB bees outside and I canno goes outside! *RATS!*  Sew I sits by da door an wach DDB. Nobuddy beder come NEARS DDB!! HE MINE!!! I agunna tares enebuddy tew peeces iffin dey tries tew goes near MY DDB!!!

I wach an an an I wach DDB. Yew no wut???? DDB bees HAPPEE tew bees outside! He singin an singin an enjoyin da fresh air. I new he a dum bird..........but dis??? It no safe outside! Sew I starts talkin tew him an he agnore me!

Den Ma tell me dat DDB bees ok an an an I dunno needs tew worree! Sew I lays down in my parot fishy bed an keeps my eyes on DDB. I still nerbis.

Ma an Ant Peggy talkin an laffin. I dunno unnerstans dis lettin DDB outside ting.

Evenshully Ma bring DDB bak inside. I sew releeb!!! I guess he furry tired acuz he dinno sings no more MOL MOL!

Wut a nerb rakin day.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

HOO HOO HOO -wut dat???


Wut dat Ma???? I ASKAIRT ob dat nois..............close dat frunt door, Ma!


LEAP!! (intew Ma's arms) MA!!!! WUT DAT NOIS????? It agunna eeets me! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALPS!!

Den Ma put me down an go OUTSIDE!! NOOOOOOOO!! MA!!! Dunno goes outside!!! It agunna hooos yew tew deth!

Ma luk round an an an intew da trees kross da street. Den she comes in!

MA! yew still alibe!! WUT DAT NOIS???

A *BARN OWL*??? Wut dat??? A big birdie - duz it eets cats????? Oh - it eats MOUSIES!! I tink I likes dat hoo eeet small birds, tew????

LEAP LEAP LEAP tumble tumble crash..........BUT MA!!! I Trying tew SAVES DAT DUM BIRD FRUM DAT  hoo birdie..........DDB BEES MINE!! I no agunna lets no HOO BIRDIE eeets MY DDB!!!


YIKES!! HOOZILLA bees in da pare tree in our frunt yard....WOW - dat a BIG BIRD!! HOLDS ME, MA!! I ASKAIRT!! tremble tremble tremble shake shake shake


Bye bye Birdzilla Hoo an an NEENER NEENER yew didno gits Ma, me, or DDB!!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

It Monday

It Monday. Sew wut. It 48 degrees an sunny. Sew wut. It agunna rains dis affernoon. Sew Wut. Ma limpin tewda. Sew wut. Benny climbin round his kaj upside down. Sew wut. Da Mr. Fix It man bin heer tew cheks da smoke alarm - 



grump grump grump grump grump

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happee Valentinies Day

Meowir Furrends!

I wants tew wishies yew a furry happee Valentinies Day! Ma an I bot got sum kards in da male, wich bin furry nice! it make Me an Ma feels lubbed!

Ma an I exchanj purrezzies, tew! Ma gib me sum TOOKEY nom nom nom nom! Deeelishis! An an an I gib Ma a purrezzie outside da litter, Ma!

But it bin a furry nice day!


Friday, February 3, 2012


Did yew all see dat Kollyrado habin a BLUZZURD????? Lots an LOTS ob white stuffs! WOWIE!! I betcha dar agunna bees LOTS ob Harveys dar!! Wut fun dey al agunna has!! No skool fur da kiddies - werk agunna bees close........WOWIE!! Wut Fun!

I has tew admit dis...........I bees a liddl jelis bout dat. We dunno has NO snow heer an an an NO Harvey da snowman :( 
All we agunna gits bees RAIN :( :( :( an an an LOTS ob it! Dat make Ma hoot a lot, an an an sumtime it make my hip hoot. MEEN RAIN!!!!

Urthkwayk bird bin at it agin. Small urthkwayks in NV, MT, WY, AR. OK....he broadcast dem ebry time. Dum bird gib me a hedake.

I tinks I agunna gets sum sleeps in my fishy bed, an an an ebry once in a wile I will cheks out da door an an an see iffin it agunna SNOWS heer.......................

Mush Lubs,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Poopl Okypus

I hab no seen my poopl okypus in a wile..........I wunner ware he bees??? My bak leg bin itchin tew kiks him an an an I bin wantin tew sinks my teefs intew him da pas few days....... LUKS OUT POOPL OKYPUS!!! Wen I gits yew yew agunna bees sorree......

Hey MA!! yew seen my poopl okypus lately? Kins yew finds him fur me? I wants tew *plays* wid him (snicker snicker snicker)

(Ma looks and looks for the purple octopus toy)


WUTT???? HUH???? WHOOO??????????? zooooooooooom an an an I RUNS under da bed ....

MA yew ASKAIRT ME!!! Sheesh!

I dunno wants dat poopl okypus tew sees dat I bin I werks myself up an an an puts a reeeeeel meen luk on my face. I puts my eeeeeers bak, croush down, tale strate out ahind an an slink slink slink slink slink slink slink  Steady now - he dunno sees me comin...........


I pounces wid all my mite an an an I GRABS dat poopl okypus! I agunna teech him a lessin fur hidin on me! KIK KIK KIK KIK CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP KIK KIK KIK SMAK!!! An he go flyin kross da room an land under da kishen table.

Sew I croush down agin, puts my eeeeers bak, sets my tale out strate.....twitch twitch twitch twitch - ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! HOP HOP HOP!!! CHOMP restle restle restle KIK KIK KIK KIK CHOMP CHOMP  CHOMP!!!!

Dar yew dum okypus! Takes dat!! SMAK! An he go under da coush! STAYS DAR UNTIL I COMES FUR YEW AGIN!!!

Boy dat feel REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL gud! I bees sush a FURRRROSHIS FELINE!!! An an an I bees beeyooteeful, tew!


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mebe yew dinno no dis bout Ma, but she a publish poot. She like tew rites pootree. Lately, she bin doin a lot ob - how yew spells dat, Ma? *Haiku*  dat a Japanese kind ob pootree dat hab 3 lines. Short! Furst line hab 5 sillybulls, second line hab 7 sillybulls, third line hab 5 sillybles. Ma - wut a sillybull??

Enewa, sumtimes day silly, sumtime dey seryis, sumtime dey dunno makes mush sense tew me. She in a groop dat rite one Haykoo a day fur a munf, and send dar journal tew sumbuddy else tew reeds, an an an an she git one frum sumbuddy as well! Sew I kinda likes dis one she rote yesserda

Head Cold

I have a head cold
My  nose is red like rudolphs
But I can not fly

Furry funnee, Ma! But I gots one BEDER dan yors!! Yep!!


Sitting at the door
Watching everything go by
Dum dog on a leesh

ROTFMOL MOL MOL!! HAAR HAAR HAAR MA! I bees a poot, tew! Dat a gud one, Ma, rite??

Mush Lubs,

Monday, January 16, 2012


It da middl ob Janyuree an an an no snow. *RATS!* I bees missin my snowman, Harvey. Yew all rememememembers him? Harvey melt away. But not afore he tol me he comin bak sumda........HARVEY WAR YEW BEES????? I MISSIES YEW!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I wants my snowman, Harvey!! SOB SOB SOB!!!

I sew sad I tinks I agunna goes under da an an plays wid my gazillion MOUSIES!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAR!! Dat wills take my mind off ob, oh deer..........



Friday, January 13, 2012


Fur Snoopy, Ronon, Jasper an an an Split - tankee furry mush fur da card for me an Ma! Smoochies bak tew yews all!

Margo & Ma

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Iffin yew asks me, I tinks DDB bees in a LOT ob trubbles.....he skreech and yell an an an make all kind ob noyz tewda - annoyin noyz - no urthkwayk noyz. Sew Ma decide tew gibs him a baff.

WELL......she try tew cach him. He HATE her hand (he hate ene hand). Ma finally grab him an an an he BEEK her pinki finger HARD!! I MEENS hard! Ma yell *OUCH Benny!!*

LEMME AT HIM, Ma! I wills teech him wut happen wen he BEEK yew!! BAD BIRD!! I agunna teech yes a lessin or too bout dat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ma get him in da baffroom sink an an an he take his baff an gits all wet. He furry askairt, tew. He shakin. Ma get him out ob da sink an an an he beek her AGIN!! OH I mad at DDB!!!

He git away frum Ma an fly on da floor! I RUNS tew git him an an an I almos smak him but Ma git him jus afore da smak frum my paw..........MEEN MA!! Sheesh!!

Ma grab him an he FITE! He dunno wants bak in da kaj dum bird!! BAD BIRD!! Finally Ma git him in dar..........iffin yew asks me dat dum bird bees lukee tew bees alib........... I REELY MAD at him fur beekin Ma!

LUKS OUT DUM BIRD BENNY!!! Neks time yew mayno bees sew lukee!!! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!

Furry Annoy Margo

Hey Ma - yore fingers ok now? I wills gib dem kissies!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Urthkwayk Bird

DDB (Benny da Beeker) not sew dum as I tot........I hates tew admits dat........ See, he make dis skreech sound wen dar bees a urthkwayk. It a furry panik sound. Wen he make dat sound, Ma wate a few minits an an an den chek da urthkwayk paj


an lo an behol dar bin a urthkwayk sumware relatiblee close tew us. Dar bin 2 urthkwayks in Okleehomer - one tewda an an an one yesserda. Urthkwayk bird let Ma no bout dem. He gib me a hedake.

But I start tew tinks bout dis......DDB bees a URTHKWAYK BIRD!! I betcha he bees wurth a million buks......... Sew I decides tew discuss dis wid Ma.

HEY MA! I sez! Wuddya tinks bout avertisin DDB as a URTHKWAYK BIRD!!! Yew kuds git him on da neews an an an maybee sells him on eBay or Craig's List!!Tink ob all da big buks yew kuds make! Tink ob all da cat food an an an toys yew kuds git me!! An an an mebe a car fur yew, tew!

WUT?? Yew dunno tinks nobuddy wuds be interest?? I tinks yew bees rong bout dat! Iffin Elvis still bin alive HE wud buy DDB in a blink! Why???? Dunno yew rememememembers he rote dat sont
*I'm All Shook Up!* ??? (uh huh uh huh)!

An an an jus tinks! No more skreechin bird. No more hedakes! Peec an an an kwiet in da hous!!! Wuddaya tinks, Ma?
.MEEN MA!!! Sheesh.

Wuddaya kitties tinks? I needs sum support here!

Tanks an an an Happee Noo Yeer!