Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Poopl Okypus

I hab no seen my poopl okypus in a wile..........I wunner ware he bees??? My bak leg bin itchin tew kiks him an an an I bin wantin tew sinks my teefs intew him da pas few days....... LUKS OUT POOPL OKYPUS!!! Wen I gits yew yew agunna bees sorree......

Hey MA!! yew seen my poopl okypus lately? Kins yew finds him fur me? I wants tew *plays* wid him (snicker snicker snicker)

(Ma looks and looks for the purple octopus toy)


WUTT???? HUH???? WHOOO??????????? zooooooooooom an an an I RUNS under da bed ....

MA yew ASKAIRT ME!!! Sheesh!

I dunno wants dat poopl okypus tew sees dat I bin askairt...........sew I werks myself up an an an puts a reeeeeel meen luk on my face. I puts my eeeeeers bak, croush down, tale strate out ahind me.....an an an slink slink slink slink slink slink slink  Steady now - he dunno sees me comin...........


I pounces wid all my mite an an an I GRABS dat poopl okypus! I agunna teech him a lessin fur hidin on me! KIK KIK KIK KIK CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP KIK KIK KIK SMAK!!! An he go flyin kross da room an land under da kishen table.

Sew I croush down agin, puts my eeeeers bak, sets my tale out strate.....twitch twitch twitch twitch - ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! HOP HOP HOP!!! CHOMP restle restle restle KIK KIK KIK KIK CHOMP CHOMP  CHOMP!!!!

Dar yew dum okypus! Takes dat!! SMAK! An he go under da coush! STAYS DAR UNTIL I COMES FUR YEW AGIN!!!

Boy dat feel REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL gud! I bees sush a FURRRROSHIS FELINE!!! An an an I bees beeyooteeful, tew!


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mebe yew dinno no dis bout Ma, but she a publish poot. She like tew rites pootree. Lately, she bin doin a lot ob - how yew spells dat, Ma? *Haiku*  dat a Japanese kind ob pootree dat hab 3 lines. Short! Furst line hab 5 sillybulls, second line hab 7 sillybulls, third line hab 5 sillybles. Ma - wut a sillybull??

Enewa, sumtimes day silly, sumtime dey seryis, sumtime dey dunno makes mush sense tew me. She in a groop dat rite one Haykoo a day fur a munf, and send dar journal tew sumbuddy else tew reeds, an an an an she git one frum sumbuddy as well! Sew I kinda likes dis one she rote yesserda

Head Cold

I have a head cold
My  nose is red like rudolphs
But I can not fly

Furry funnee, Ma! But I gots one BEDER dan yors!! Yep!!


Sitting at the door
Watching everything go by
Dum dog on a leesh

ROTFMOL MOL MOL!! HAAR HAAR HAAR MA! I bees a poot, tew! Dat a gud one, Ma, rite??

Mush Lubs,

Monday, January 16, 2012


It da middl ob Janyuree an an an no snow. *RATS!* I bees missin my snowman, Harvey. Yew all rememememembers him? Harvey melt away. But not afore he tol me he comin bak sumda........HARVEY WAR YEW BEES????? I MISSIES YEW!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I wants my snowman, Harvey!! SOB SOB SOB!!!

I sew sad I tinks I agunna goes under da bed.........an an an plays wid my gazillion MOUSIES!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAR!! Dat wills take my mind off ob, oh deer..........



Friday, January 13, 2012


Fur Snoopy, Ronon, Jasper an an an Split - tankee furry mush fur da card for me an Ma! Smoochies bak tew yews all!

Margo & Ma

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Iffin yew asks me, I tinks DDB bees in a LOT ob trubbles.....he skreech and yell an an an make all kind ob noyz tewda - annoyin noyz - no urthkwayk noyz. Sew Ma decide tew gibs him a baff.

WELL......she try tew cach him. He HATE her hand (he hate ene hand). Ma finally grab him an an an he BEEK her pinki finger HARD!! I MEENS hard! Ma yell *OUCH Benny!!*

LEMME AT HIM, Ma! I wills teech him wut happen wen he BEEK yew!! BAD BIRD!! I agunna teech yes a lessin or too bout dat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ma get him in da baffroom sink an an an he take his baff an gits all wet. He furry askairt, tew. He shakin. Ma get him out ob da sink an an an he beek her AGIN!! OH I mad at DDB!!!

He git away frum Ma an fly on da floor! I RUNS tew git him an an an I almos smak him but Ma git him jus afore da smak frum my paw..........MEEN MA!! Sheesh!!

Ma grab him an he FITE! He dunno wants bak in da kaj dum bird!! BAD BIRD!! Finally Ma git him in dar..........iffin yew asks me dat dum bird bees lukee tew bees alib........... I REELY MAD at him fur beekin Ma!

LUKS OUT DUM BIRD BENNY!!! Neks time yew mayno bees sew lukee!!! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!

Furry Annoy Margo

Hey Ma - yore fingers ok now? I wills gib dem kissies!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Urthkwayk Bird

DDB (Benny da Beeker) not sew dum as I tot........I hates tew admits dat........ See, he make dis skreech sound wen dar bees a urthkwayk. It a furry panik sound. Wen he make dat sound, Ma wate a few minits an an an den chek da urthkwayk paj


an lo an behol dar bin a urthkwayk sumware relatiblee close tew us. Dar bin 2 urthkwayks in Okleehomer - one tewda an an an one yesserda. Urthkwayk bird let Ma no bout dem. He gib me a hedake.

But I start tew tinks bout dis......DDB bees a URTHKWAYK BIRD!! I betcha he bees wurth a million buks......... Sew I decides tew discuss dis wid Ma.

HEY MA! I sez! Wuddya tinks bout avertisin DDB as a URTHKWAYK BIRD!!! Yew kuds git him on da neews an an an maybee sells him on eBay or Craig's List!!Tink ob all da big buks yew kuds make! Tink ob all da cat food an an an toys yew kuds git me!! An an an mebe a car fur yew, tew!

WUT?? Yew dunno tinks nobuddy wuds be interest?? I tinks yew bees rong bout dat! Iffin Elvis still bin alive HE wud buy DDB in a blink! Why???? Dunno yew rememememembers he rote dat sont
*I'm All Shook Up!* ??? (uh huh uh huh)!

An an an jus tinks! No more skreechin bird. No more hedakes! Peec an an an kwiet in da hous!!! Wuddaya tinks, Ma?
.MEEN MA!!! Sheesh.

Wuddaya kitties tinks? I needs sum support here!

Tanks an an an Happee Noo Yeer!