Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I bees in trubbles agin.......(no da same kind)

I has a lot ob jobs tew do, yew no. I bees Ma's full time noos, ob kors. An an an I keeps her companee. We bin wachin da Olympiks. GO USA GO USA!! USA hab LOTS ob MEDALS!! Ways tew go afleeeets!!

Sumtime I dunno unnerstans zaklee wut dem afleeeets bees doin. An an an I canno figgrrrr out why sum ob dem lift hevy bars wid donuts on da end. Snatch an Jerk. Dat sound jus horrybull!!

Furgib me...I digress................MOL!

Eneways, annuder job I has is Male Inspektor. Ma get male ebry day. She git posty kards, letters, pakajis, an an an stuffs like dat. An an an sumtime dar bees a letter or pakij fur ME!! An I lets Ma no iffin da letter or pakij bin neer a dog or cat. Speshilly a cat. Speshilly iffin it bees from my troo lub an an an husband, Mikey :) *blush* I dunno likes it iffin it smell like smoke. YUK!

Sew tewday I haaaaaalps ma an I inspeks her male. Posty Card from Israel. Furry nice!! Posty Card from Canada - a butterfly!! Furry nice! Letter frum a pen pal. Ma like dat.

Den dar bin dis pakij. Ma git da sizzors an cut it open. All ob a sudden dis BEEYOOTEEFUL, soft,  TEMPTIN peec ob LACE fall out......an an an afore Ma kins eben sees it, I practize my OLYMPIC SKILL of *SNATCH AN RUN*!! I grab dat lace acuz it MINE an an an I RUNS!!

Onto my throne, under da peeano bench, underoverunderober da rungs ob da kishen chares (Ma git up an sez *MARGO! What in the world do you have??* an an an I dunno ansers her!) She start tew chase me an an an I runs FASTER (I a gud sprinter!). I dashes intew da bedroom an an an jus afore I gits under da bed, Ma grab my tale (DUNNO TUCH MY TALE!!)!! I turns around tew smaks her an an an she SNATCH dat lace frum me!!! MEEN MA!!! MEEN, MEEN MA!!

MEEEEEEYOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GIMME MY LACE BAK!!! IT MINE MINE MINE!!! MEEN MA put dat peec ob BEEYOOTEEFUL, soft, temptin (an delishis) lace in her drawer. MEEN MA!!!!

Sew I pouts an pouts an pouts an sits by dat drawer. Ma luk at me an shakes her hed. She sed sumtin bout steelin frum her. Sew I tells her I dinno STEELS it, I SNATCH it!!! Meen Ma!


Monday, July 30, 2012

UT OH............I bees in TRUBBLES.......

Dar bees dis kord in da baffroom an an an bedroom. An an an I likes tew plays wid it. Ma always YELL at me tew *don't touch that, Margo!!*  MEEN MA!!

Sew, wen Ma wasn't lukin, I plays wid dat kord an an an I gits wild an an an I YANKS on it reel hard. I plays sum more an den goes in tew bees wid ma.

All ob a sudden NOK NOK NOK NOK Miss Garcia are you OK?? Ma git dis funnee luk on her face an an an she anser da door, an an an dar bees sum nabors an an an da PAWLEES!!!

I tinks - OMYGUDNESS WUT did MA DUZ?? Is she agunna bees arrest???????? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALPSS!!

Ma talk tew dem an an an den she gib ME a luk.......an an an I tinks OH NOES  - DEY AGUNNA ARREST ME?? Wut did I duz rong?????

Ma tell dem dat she ok. Dey she sez MY name......an an an giv me annuder luk..........ut oh............I in trubbles............

Ma shut da door an she luk at me REEEEL MEEEEEN! Sew I runs under da bed. She sit on da bed an an an tell me dat I bees in trubbles fur pullin dat kord.........dat why da pawlees come............an an an I beder no do dat agin.........

BUT I DINNO DUZ NUTTIN, MA............... sheesh


Friday, July 20, 2012

From Ma's point of view.......

It was 3am and I hear this noise......bang bang bang bang bang!! It didn't sound like it was someone knocking at the door, so I got out of bed, and there in the bathroom, in the shower stall, Margo was banging the shower hose around because she wanted a drink of water!!!

I thought it was quite funny, actually, but I didn't appreciate getting up in the middle of the night to do that when she had just taken a drink before we went to bed!

I ordered a small drinkwell. I don't know where I am going to put it, but I am not willing to turn on the shower at 3am! She absolutely refuses to drink out of a bowl or cup.

I know, I know.........she has me tightly wrapped around her 3 little paws........... and I still love her to pieces :)



MA!!!! Why duz yew INSISTSTSTSTSTSTS on embarss me like dis????? Sheesh!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dis mornin I heers nok nok at da front door. Ma open da door an an an Connie, da partment manajer come in an sez dat she agunna duz a *INSPECTION*.

Well, I comes out an sez MEOWIE tew her.........an an an tells her dat she dunno needs tew do no inspekshun acuz I takes care ob dat! I inspek da hous ebry day!!! Yep! I makes shur dat no bugs or spiders or nuttin like dat surviv. I makes shur dat no dum boycat get on our bak pateeo. I runs tew da door ebry time sumbuddy come. Sew she dunno needs tes inspek.

She tel me wut a gud gurl I bees an an an she stroke me an an an I lubs on her. I likes her sew mush! But she hab tew inspek da hous.

Sew, I follows her round sew dat I kins inspek da hous jus like she do.

First she luk in Ma's bedroom. Den she pull dis cord an it make a noise....I neber seen dat cord afore............dat luk like FUN!! I WILLS INSPEK DAT CORD EBRY DAY!!

'No, no, Margo! she sez. 'Don't play with that!'


Den she go intew da baffrom an an an I gets nerbis! I slinks in an sits in front ob my litter box.........PLEEEZ dunno inspek my litter box - I sew embarss..........*blush*

'Don't worry, Margo, I won't touch your box'

I furry releeb bout dat - no pun intend MOL MOL MOL!!!

Den she opend da door tew da furnace - I no allow in dar........but I sneeks a peek. Sew far, sew gud!

Den she go intew da kishen.

'Margo, I see you ate all your food, good girl!'

Ob kors, I sez! She luk under da sink an I sneeks a peek, I no allow in dar. She open d fridge...........snif Snif SNif SNIf SNIF
SNIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! OH! dat smell reeel gud! I gots tew figgrrr out how I kins  um, *inspek* dat ebry day.......snicker snicker snicker.

DEN she open da oven...........WOWIE!! Dat smell FANTASTIK!! YUM...........lemme in dar, Connie!

'No, no, Margo! Don't get in the oven!'

and she push me away......MEEN CONNIE!!!

She tell Ma dat da hous pass inspekshun. Well, I tol her she dinno has tew inspek it!!! I bin rite!!

She lub on me an talk tew Ma. Den I tells Ma dat I kins inspek da house jus like Connie did an an an Ma luk at me kinda funnee...............

Mush Lubs,

pee ess DDB jus figgrr out dat he kins play wid the spoon toy dat come from across da Big Pond! He been askairt ob it wen Ma put it in da kaj. He shake an an an cower in a corner! I guess he figgrrr out dat it will no hurts him. Tadah! Dum Bird. Sew, now he kins make da bell goes ting-a-ling. He kins beak da beeds on da spoon. He kins beaks it all he want. Wut a dum bird!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ma tol me tewda dat Ant Peggy no agunna bees her aid no more. WUT???? WHY?:???? Dids I dew sumtin bad??? MA!!! Wut happen tew her????? I furry upset acuz I LUBS MY ANT PEGGY!!! I no bin a bad kitty.............

She gots a noo person? A all day person????


Oh Noes..........I agunna miss her sumtin awful...........sigh. I furry, furry, furry sad. (Margo's tail hangs down, she gets a very sad look on her face, and goes onto her throne and pouts).

I dunno likes changes........

Lubs, a furry furry sad

Monday, July 9, 2012


Guess wut????? I found out dat iffin you *GOOGLE* (wudeber dat bees) my blog, 'Margo's Mewsings' on dat *google* tingie, a link to dis blog - MY BLOG come up!!

WOWIE!! I on dat GOOGLE ting! Dat meen I famis!! I a STAR!!! I a SELEBRITY!!!!!

I sew egsited!! Not only is I BEEYOOTEEFUL, I also FAMIS!!!! Oh my gunness...........wut shuds I do??...


Wut, Ma? I dunno has a big hed.......what yew meens? My hed bees purrfik fur my body..............


pee ess.........iffin yew reeds my blog, pleeez tells your furrends bout it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Beddie Buddie

Hello Furrends! I gots a noo Beddie Buddie dat I reeeely lubs a lot - no as mush as I lubs Ma - but a lot! It B I G  it S O F T  it gots PINK eeers, feets, tale an an an mouf..........

Ma an I plays kach wid it, too! Wen I sits on my throne, she toss it, I kach it an beats it up, an smaks it on to da floor! We do dis fur a wile!

Kins yew guess hoo my noo Beddie Buddie bees???

MOOSE-ETTE!! Oh I lubs her sew mush! She make a wunnerful pillo fur my hed......sew soft......an an an I always has gud dreems wen Moose-Ette sleep wid me! I wills plays wid her fureber - I willno kilts her. Nope. Neber. Acuz I lubs her - no as mush as I lubs my Mikey - but I lubs her!

Mush Lubs,

pee ess...........I hopes yew all bees ok in dis terriorable heet........it hit 108 heer tewda an an an beleeb me, DAT HOT!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Guess wut kitty furrends???? I had sush an eggsitin weekend! My furrend Oly's Mommy an an an Grandmommy came tew visits me!!! Yep!!! All da way from Kansas.......

Hey, Ma - Kansas ware Dorotee lib, yew no, Dorotee from da Wizurd ob Odds???

Well, eneway, dey dinno brings no tornado. Turns out dey dinno no brings Dorotee, eeder! Oh well......

I REEEEELY REEELY like dem!!  An ob kors, dey LUBS me, tew!! I gibs dem purrs an an an kissies an an an hedbonks!! I no dey *cat peepl*!

An an an , well, ob kors, dey brot  me (an Ma an DDB) purrezzies. Well, it ok dat Benny git a purrezzie once in a wile.......I no jelis....jus remememember dat I deserb MORE purrezzies den he duz......acuz I da Queen ob da hous!!

Eneways, dey brot me a BIG BIG Mousie!! It HYOOJ!! it a gurl acuz it gots pink eers, eyes, nose, tale, an an an feets! Sew I name her Moose-Ette! (moose bees a big deer, but Moose bees a boy name.........sew I fix dat!)

It agunna takes me a L O N G time tew kilts Moose-Ette! I gots a lot ob kikin, chompin an an an restlin tew dew! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!

Dey also brot me CAN FOOD!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Tookey!! My fabrit!!!!!! Oh dat sew nice ob dem!

Oly's Mommy bring Ma a printer an stuffs an an an she *install* it fur Ma. Dat furry nice ob her! I haaaalps her wid her work. I supervise! She dew a purrfek job!

I wants tew keeps dem, but Ma sed dey has kitties ob dar own tew takes care ob, sew dey went bak tew Kansas.

Wut a grrrrrrrrrrrate day! I gots 2 noo fureber furrends!! I sew happee!!

Tankee furry Mush, Oly's Mommy an an an Grandmommy!!

Mush Lubs,

I would like to express my thanks to these fine people for remembering me as well. I don't often get such delectible treats. Thank you very much for the millet sprays and blueberry millet sprays.

Most Sincerely,
BeNnY tHe BeAkEr