Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wut a nite...........

Las nite bin weeeerd. Ma an I gits tew bed round midnite. Half hour later Ma git up. She hab bad dreem. Sew I gib her kissy kissies.

Den I dunno feels gud an an an I MOOOOO MOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOO an an an trows up. Sew I bin in da batroom fur a while.

Affer I feels beder an Ma kleen up, we goes bak tew bed.

Few minits later, Ant Brenda call acuz she hab *acid reflus* an an an want purrayer. Sew Ma an I purray fur her an an an I sings Ant Brenda a Lullyboo. Den we goes bak tew bed.

But I sense dat Ma blood sugar goin bad down down, an an an I bees insistint dat she wake up. Wen she get up she tel me dat I a gud noos. OB KORS I bees a gud noos! Sew Ma take care ob dat an an an we FINALLY goes tew bed at 4am!!!

I lubs my Ma an an an I lubs Ant Brenda. Ebrytin ok now.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


TOOKEY nom nom nom nom nom MASHIES nom nom nom nom PUNKIN PI nom nom nom nom nom nom

DELISHIS!!! Speshilly dat punkin pi!!

Margo hoo hab a full belly :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tookey Day!!

 Soon it wills be *Thanksgiving Day*. I lukin ferwerd tew tookey day acuz I LUBS tookey! It Delishis!!! Unkie Carl  have off from werk an an an he wills cook dinner an an an brings ME a plate........mebe I wills shares it wid Ma......snicker an an Ma wills makes a *gingerbread* fur Ant Brenda an Unkie Carl an lets him take it home. MEEN MA beder keeps a peec ob dat fur ME acuz I LUBS gingerbreddie!!

Wen Unkie Carl get home, Ant Brenda wills call Ma an an an we wills hab purrayer an an an dinner tewgedder ober da fone. Dat wills werk. I canno waits fur MY tookey an gingerbreddie!!!! I droolin jus tinkin bout dat........

Tanksgibin a time tew bees tankful fur all da blessins we hab. We hab LOTS ob blessings!! LOTS an an an LOTS ob blessings!

Dis wut I tankful fur:

Gud, no, wunnerful food like TOOKEY an an an GINGERBREDDIE

A warm house tew libs in
My furry own bed
Ma's bed
Ma's lap
My mos eggsilint noosin skills
My wunnerful, hansum, strong, jeneris husband an an an troo lub, Mikey Howell!!
My In-Loos, Deb an an an Willis
All ob my Catster furrends
All ob my Noo Furrends from Swap-Bot

Ebryone hoo reed my diree

An mos impotintlee, Creator's Son who send Ma tew gits me an provide all my blessings!!!

Sew wut sum ob yore blessings?? Rememememeber, we needs tew has a *attitude of grattitude* al da time! We furry blessed!

Happee Tanksgibin tew ALL ob our furrends!
Mush Lubs,
Margo an Ma

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Sings Ma a Lullyboo

Ma sew tired. She gots sleeeepy eyes. I lubs Ma. Sew, I jumps on her an an an gibs her a few kissies an an an den I decides she need tew has a lullyboo sung tew her tew haaalps her goes tew sleep.

 Sew I gits comfy an I tuch her cheek an an an nose. An Ma luk at me an smile. Den I smaks her on her hed sew she put it on da pillo. Sumtimes I jus gotta bees blunt wid her. Den I tuch her eyes - she hate dat an it make her close her eyes. I tink she got da messij. Den I begins tew sings my lullyboo.

Meowie Meow Meow Meow
Meow Meow Meow Meow
Meowie Meowie Meowie Meowie
Meow, Meow, Meow!

It Time tew sleeeps
an rest all nite
sew tewmorro
wills be allrite

I lubs yew, Ma!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WUT????? Agin??????

Meen Noos came AGIN tewda :(  I dunno likes dis...............Meen Ma lok me in da baffroom wen Meen Noos agunna hoot her........but Ma dinno yells as mush. I furry releeb. Ma dinno luk wite or sik or nuttin. I glad.

Ma an Meen Noos talk an I sense dat Ma LIKE Meen Noos!?? Dat I dunno unnerstans. But Meen Noos hab 3 dogs an an an a cat an an an she sed dat I purrty.............

Ma sed dat Meen Noos agunna comes EBRY DAY fur a long long time........I dunno unnerstans dat but o well. I got burrrrave an an an smell Meen Noos, an an an she pet me. Maybe she no sew bad affer all??? I still agunna bees cawshus bout her..........


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Meen Noos came dis mornin an an an hoot Ma. An Ma lok me out ob da bedrom afore noos hoot her! I furry uipset! Ma cry an an I cudno be wid her!!! I git reely nerbis. I start singin an an an pacin. Why did Ma lok me out???? I wooda made shur dat noos didno HOOT Ma. I wooda smak Meen Noos hands!!

Ma ok now. I agunna kumfurts her now an an an gib her kissies an PURRRRRR! I lubs Ma eben do she lok me out ob da bedroom wen dat Meen Noos hoot her!'


Monday, November 14, 2011

I bin BIZZEE noosin Ma

Poor Ma.  She bin tru sew mush lately. Tewda she LEEB ME ALONE ALMOS ALL DAY LONG!!!! Meen Ma!!

She no bin feelin gud an hab feber an pane. Sew I bin wachin her reeeel careful. I dunno lets her out ob my site (unless I eetin or takin my affernoon nap). I lays on her ches an PURR PURR PURR PURR an an an I tuch her cheek wid my paw an gibs her kissies.

She hab dis bad bad smell. It make me nerbis. It smell infektid. Ma sed she hab a Berl - um......Boll??  um..... Boy-il (*Boil, Margo, Boil*).

Tewda she go tew da Bad Bad Boy-il Doc Doc (*No, Margo, my regular doctor*) WELL SHE STILL BEES A BAD BAD Doc Doc acuz she HOOOT yew!! SHE HOOT MA!!! She had tew cuts Ma an takes da bad bad boy-il out an an an it HOOT MY MA!!! :(  :(  :(

*She is a very good doctor, Margo.*

NO DOC DOC bees gud iffin dey HOOTS YEW!! I MAD at her. I otta smak her wid my paws!

Enewa. Ma canno go outs. She canno drib. She canno go outs fur dinner or tew da store.  I tink she agunna becomes a NUN. yew no - Nun ob dis an an an Nun ob dat!!! A noos agunna comes ebry day to HOOT HER!!! I MAD!! Dey has tew *remoob dressing an an an re-pack dressing* Ebry Day!! Fur a long, long time! Meen Noos! I bees a guud noss an an an I NEBER EBER hoot nobuddy! Dat noos beder wach out. Iffin I heers Ma cry or yell I agunna smaks dat noos an an an teech her a lessin or too.

But I agunna keeps on bein a GOOD NOOS fur Ma. I wills cuddles wid her an an an purrs sew she git nuff rest. I agunna wach her reeeel close. I lubs my Ma an I furry upset dat sum noos agunna hoot her ebry day.

I HUNGRY Ma - kins I hab my dinner now???


Monday, November 7, 2011

Benny da Beaker AKA DDB (dat dum bird)

I spose mos ob yew has herd bout dem erthkwakes in Okleehooma. 2 ober da weekend an an an one a liddl wile ago. We feels da bigger ones heer, no da liddle ones. Dar bin tree ob dem ober magnitood 4 dat we feel. Jus a liddl shake, no mush. But peeps who lib on secon floor or houses not on ground lebel feels shake shake.

Fur reezins I dunno unnerstans, DDB kins SENSE dem an an an he git REEEEEELY ASKAIRT!!! he skreem, go tew da furry top ob da kaj, or furry bottom ob da kaj an shake shake shake an an an his eyes gits WILD!! DDB bin reeely askairt!

DUNNO TELLS NO KITT"Y, but I reely feels sorree fur DDB! I dunno likes it wen roks hit da house an an an I gits askairt. But mos ob da time I kins run tew Ma an an an she hol me an comfurt me. DDB dunno likes no hand in his kaj. An he tew askairt tew heer Ma tryin tew kumfurt him. Poor bird. I reely shuds takes him out ob his mizery so he willno gits sew askairt agin.

(snicker snicker)


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ma bin goin out more. I dunno likes dat. She goin tew da BAD BAD FUT DOC DOC an an an she tell me he SHOK her futs tew makes dem feels beder. Yeah, rite. I agunna shoks dat doc doc fur hootin Ma's futs!! RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!! Wach out BAD BAD FUT DOC DOC!!!

Sew I bees bored wen she go out. Reeeeely bored.  Nuttin tew dew but sleeps in my fishie bed on my Hazel Lucy blankee. I dunno eeeeets nuttin. I dunno drinks nuttin. I dunno plays wid no toys. I agnores Benny da Beaker. I dunno cares iffin a skwerl visit our patteo.


I dunno eben cares iffin dat Jerk Russell Terror bark at me. I agnores her, tew.

An an an I gits GWUMPEEEEEE wen Ma stay out. Meen Ma! Wen she come in da house I agnores her. I sits up in my bed an turns my bak to her. Den I lays down an agnores her more. An an an I POUTS!! I gibs her a tood!

Wut dis???? Ma gibbin me a TREET????