Sunday, November 11, 2012

(snicker snicker)

First, I wants tew sez Welkum tew Amy an an an her Dad, Wayne! Dey dunno has no cat. Dey like cats, but deyLUBS me! Dey has a dog, a Jerk Russell Terror name Odie. I neber met him, but I dunno tinks I wants tew......mol!

Yew all no dat I a furry sweet, lubbin kitty, an an an I takes reeeel gud care ob Ma! I lubs her sew mush, an an an she LUBS ME!......hmmmmmmmmmmm........dat almos sound like a song.........

Eneways, Ma bin hootin tewda in her bak. Sumtin call *syattyka*. Sew she limpin round las nite an an an didno sleeps gud at all.

But I slept wid her. I kuddle wid her, an an an sang her a nice lullyboo. an I purrrr purrrr PURRRRRRR till she goes tew sleeps. She toss, turn an an an wiggle. but I stays wid her an an an gibs her little kissies tew lets her no dat I wid her an an an dat I lubs her.

She finally sleep on da coush. all ob a sudden da fone ring. Ma go tew answers it. Dat wen she found da PURREZZIE I lef fur her in da hall by da bedroom!


snicker snicker snicker snicker

My tunny hoot an an an I barf in da hall by da lees I dinno barfs on da KARPET!! Ma shuds preshiate dat!

Sew I runs tew haaaaalps her. She luk at me an mumble sumtin an an an I sez Mew! Mew! an an an she grumbles sum more.

See? I sush a sweet kitty dat I leebs purrezzies fur Ma. I shur it haalp her feels beder.

snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker!

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  1. We purring for Mom to get better so fast! Our Pops has them Phantoms pains and it no fun we know. Our Buddy Bud left a hair ball in Pops Slipper last week. We patted his back fur dat good shot!
    Timmy T