Thursday, September 20, 2012

KORN on Ma's FUT?????

Boy.........tings gettin weeeerder an weeerder in dis house. First it bees dat haybiskit flower, an today Ma tell Ant Brenda dat she hab KORN on da bottom ob her fut!!

KORN??? Wut korn???? I dinno sees no korn! I dinno smells no korn....... an an an iffin I did smells it I prolly wudda eeeeten it!

But korn bees messy. WHY yew has korn on your FUT, Ma??? I dunno unnerstans!!!

Eneways, Ma go out dis mornin. She bin gone tew long. More dan a hour. Dat tew long :(  She call Ant Brenda an tell her dat da BAD BAD FUT DOC DOC REMOOOOOOB da korn frum da bottom ob her fut.......

Well, Ma - WARE IS IT??? I wants tew sees dat KORN! I dunno beleeeebs yew!! NO hoomin I no hab KORN on dar futs!

Sheesh. Wut will she comes up wid neks????



  1. Yee we see Pop eatin dat corn so??? Whut Ma gonna do? Geezzz!
    And doan eaten dem flowers! MOL
    Hey! I put a Hairballz in Pops slipper! MOL! Funee!
    Love you and Ma!

  2. Is da korn begone Margo? Me hopes Mommy feels betta!

  3. me iz now bittykitty M (aka) Kally Kat mol...