Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Guess wut kitty furrends???? I had sush an eggsitin weekend! My furrend Oly's Mommy an an an Grandmommy came tew visits me!!! Yep!!! All da way from Kansas.......

Hey, Ma - Kansas ware Dorotee lib, yew no, Dorotee from da Wizurd ob Odds???

Well, eneway, dey dinno brings no tornado. Turns out dey dinno no brings Dorotee, eeder! Oh well......

I REEEEELY REEELY like dem!!  An ob kors, dey LUBS me, tew!! I gibs dem purrs an an an kissies an an an hedbonks!! I no dey *cat peepl*!

An an an , well, ob kors, dey brot  me (an Ma an DDB) purrezzies. Well, it ok dat Benny git a purrezzie once in a wile.......I no jelis....jus remememember dat I deserb MORE purrezzies den he duz......acuz I da Queen ob da hous!!

Eneways, dey brot me a BIG BIG Mousie!! It HYOOJ!! it a gurl acuz it gots pink eers, eyes, nose, tale, an an an feets! Sew I name her Moose-Ette! (moose bees a big deer, but Moose bees a boy name.........sew I fix dat!)

It agunna takes me a L O N G time tew kilts Moose-Ette! I gots a lot ob kikin, chompin an an an restlin tew dew! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!

Dey also brot me CAN FOOD!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Tookey!! My fabrit!!!!!! Oh dat sew nice ob dem!

Oly's Mommy bring Ma a printer an stuffs an an an she *install* it fur Ma. Dat furry nice ob her! I haaaalps her wid her work. I supervise! She dew a purrfek job!

I wants tew keeps dem, but Ma sed dey has kitties ob dar own tew takes care ob, sew dey went bak tew Kansas.

Wut a grrrrrrrrrrrate day! I gots 2 noo fureber furrends!! I sew happee!!

Tankee furry Mush, Oly's Mommy an an an Grandmommy!!

Mush Lubs,

I would like to express my thanks to these fine people for remembering me as well. I don't often get such delectible treats. Thank you very much for the millet sprays and blueberry millet sprays.

Most Sincerely,
BeNnY tHe BeAkEr

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