Monday, December 31, 2012


Hello Ebrykitty!

Wuz yew all wonderin why I wuz poutin da udder day? Well, I guess I bin poutin acuz Christmas bin ober an an an I kud. It reely dat simple. Acuz I dunno reely has enetin tew pouts about! Reely!

Akshully, I a furry blessed kitty! Yep! I has sew mene blessings ebry day! Creator's Son bin sew gud tew me.

I has a WUNNERFUL Ma hoo lub me wid all her hart! She feed me da bestest food  dat I LUBS - tookey patay! I has tree beds tew sleeps on. I has a grate house tew libs in! I dunno has tew shares my food or toys wid no udder kitty. Ma's furrends lubs me. I lubs Ma's furrends! I gits all da lubs I wants, an an an I gibs as mush lubs as I kins! I helthee. I drinks frum a fountin ob fresh water weneber I wants tew! I has SEW mene toys tew plays wid!

Sees? An an an I tinks all ob yew bees blessed, tew! Tinks about it!


Mush Lubs,

1 comment:

  1. Yez Margo we pout a bit too sometimes when the party is over! Then after 5 minutes we plan the Next Partee!
    Love you and Ma too!
    Timmy T and Family