Saturday, December 7, 2013


Ma bin talkin tew Ant Brenda dis mornin. Ant Brenda sed dat Unkie Carl lost his eeeer muffins!! OH NOES! Dat TERRIERABUL!!  

See, Unkie Carl werk OUTSIDE in all kind ob wether an an an it bin SOOPER cold heer. Temp in da single digit wid wind chill belo zero - wudeber dat meen! An an an dat no  gud fur Unkie Carl!! His eeers cuds gits Frosty Bite (dat meen snowman!) an an an fall off his hed! Dat wuds be TERRIORABUL!! I dunno wants Unkie Carl tew loose his eeers! He wuds luk reeeeely funnee................(snicker snicker at dat tot!). Wut in da WERLD kins I duz tew haalps him??? He reeeely need dem eeer muffins!

I NO! I NO!! I wills HUNT DOWN his eeer muffins! I a cat, an an an cats bees gud hunters (beder den doz dum houn dogs).!! I wills stalks an an an sniffs an an an FIND dem eeer muffins!!

MA!! TAKES ME TEW UNKIE CARL'S HOUSE NOW!!! He need my haaaalps!!

Wut? WUT???? Yew meen I has tew go in da CARRIER an an an we has to ride in da CAR????? NO WAY JOSE!!!! (wudeber dat meen). I NO goin in dat carrier or in dat CAR! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!1 I HATES da car. I HATES da carrier!!!

I polygize Unkie Carl. I tew askairt tew rides in da car. But I reeeely wants tew haaaalps yew!  Wut duz I duz now.........

I NO I NO!! I wills asks Creator's Son tew sends yew a Lost an an an Found Angel! Dat angel wills haalps yew find dem eeeer muffins! 

In da meentime, I wills send yew LOTS ob my furr! Ma bin furrymadin me an an an she hab LOTS ob my fur! Yes kins stik dat in baggies an an an stik da baggies ober yore eeeeers! My fur keep ME warm. sew it wills keeps yew warm, an an yew wills bees da talk ob da town MOL MOL MOL!

Mush Lubs,

pee ess..............Unkie Carl - is dem muffins BOOBERRY MUFFINS????????

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Christmas Purrezzie!!

I a furry lukee kitty! Tewda Ma git a pawkij from Deb (my  Mudder -In-Loo). 

In dat pawkij been a purezzie fur me from my TROO LUB an an an Husband, Mikey! I lubs him wid all my hart!! He send me a

MOUSIE!!!!!!! I LUBS IT! Tankee furry mush, Mikey!

It little, hab 4 legs, 2 eeeeers, a tale, 2 eyes, an an an a FAT little bellie!

Oh MY! I sez! Dat mousie Murbidlee O-Beast! It need tew lose wate! I a noos an an an I no bout dose tings!

I has a plan tew beets - I meen whips - I meen EGGSERSIZE dat mousie sew it lose wate! Dat inklude tale whips,  sqwishies, pouncies, flyin tru da are...........

An an an if dat dunno werks, I has a plan tew duz a Gas-Trik By-Puss. Dat will remoob sum ob his innerds - I MEENS FAT!!

Dat agunna bees a LOT ob fun -  I MEENS HARD WERK fur dat Mousie!

We starts dat plan tewmorro morning brite an an an eeeerleeeee!! (snicker snicker snicker snicker)!

Mush Lubs,
Margo, R.K.N., P.T. (Purrsonal traynor)