Friday, March 16, 2012

NOOOOOOOO, MA! Dunno do dat.........

Tewda bin warm. Almos hot. Ma turn on da seelin fans an open da bak an front door. Nice breeze go tru da hous. AN my bed bin in da sunshine! Sew I took a loooooooooong sunbath nap! It felt GUD!

Den Ant Peggy come to kleens da house. Ma an Ant Peggy talk about DDB. All ob a sudden, Ma take his kaj, an an an put him OUTSIDE on  one ob da planters on da patteeeooo!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MA!! Yew KRAZY????? WHY yew takes DDB outside??? I dinno gibs yer permishin tew dew dat!! BRINGS HIM BAK INSIDE, MA!! MA!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Ma agnore me. I sew nerbis!!! I asks iffin I kins go outside, tew an an an Meen Ma sed NO!! MEEN ROTTEN MA!! She let DDB bees outside and I canno goes outside! *RATS!*  Sew I sits by da door an wach DDB. Nobuddy beder come NEARS DDB!! HE MINE!!! I agunna tares enebuddy tew peeces iffin dey tries tew goes near MY DDB!!!

I wach an an an I wach DDB. Yew no wut???? DDB bees HAPPEE tew bees outside! He singin an singin an enjoyin da fresh air. I new he a dum bird..........but dis??? It no safe outside! Sew I starts talkin tew him an he agnore me!

Den Ma tell me dat DDB bees ok an an an I dunno needs tew worree! Sew I lays down in my parot fishy bed an keeps my eyes on DDB. I still nerbis.

Ma an Ant Peggy talkin an laffin. I dunno unnerstans dis lettin DDB outside ting.

Evenshully Ma bring DDB bak inside. I sew releeb!!! I guess he furry tired acuz he dinno sings no more MOL MOL!

Wut a nerb rakin day.


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