Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mebe yew dinno no dis bout Ma, but she a publish poot. She like tew rites pootree. Lately, she bin doin a lot ob - how yew spells dat, Ma? *Haiku*  dat a Japanese kind ob pootree dat hab 3 lines. Short! Furst line hab 5 sillybulls, second line hab 7 sillybulls, third line hab 5 sillybles. Ma - wut a sillybull??

Enewa, sumtimes day silly, sumtime dey seryis, sumtime dey dunno makes mush sense tew me. She in a groop dat rite one Haykoo a day fur a munf, and send dar journal tew sumbuddy else tew reeds, an an an an she git one frum sumbuddy as well! Sew I kinda likes dis one she rote yesserda

Head Cold

I have a head cold
My  nose is red like rudolphs
But I can not fly

Furry funnee, Ma! But I gots one BEDER dan yors!! Yep!!


Sitting at the door
Watching everything go by
Dum dog on a leesh

ROTFMOL MOL MOL!! HAAR HAAR HAAR MA! I bees a poot, tew! Dat a gud one, Ma, rite??

Mush Lubs,

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