Monday, December 26, 2011

WOWIE!! Wut a Christmas!!

Happy Boxing Day - wudeber dat meen - tew my Troo Lub Mikey an an an furrends in Canada.......Mommy - in=loo Deb - kuds yew puts Mikey in a box an an an sends him tew me?????

Sew did yew all hab a WUNNERFUL Christmas??? I shur did! It go like dis:

CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE! DDB (dat dum bird, Benny da Beaker, Ma's parakeet) habin a nite terrier!! MA! I yells!! Santy Claws bees heer! DDB Askairt ob him! Hurries! I wants tew gibs Santy kissies!! WAKES UP, MA!!

(Ma get out ob bed, goes into the livin room, turns on da lite an sweet talk to DDB an he shut up.)

MA LOOKS!! Santy Claws bin heer! My stokin FULL!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME my stokin, Ma! Um, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez??????

(No, Margo, it is still sleepy time. Come back to bed).

MEEN MA!!! Sew I grumbles and stomps bak tew bed. Ma lay down an an an I stomp on her ches, one paw at a time. STOMP STOMP STOMP. Den I gibs her kissies on her noze (M A R G O ! ! ! go to Sleep!). MEEN MA! Sew, I stomps off her ches an lays by her sholder. An I purrs. Purrrrr PUrrrrrr PURrrrr PURRRrrr PURRRRRRRRRRRR (MARGO!! Go To Sleep!) Meen Ma!

gurgle gurgle gurgle go my tummy. streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch! IT CHRISTMAS!! Sew I gibs Ma kissies on da face, da nose, da eyes (dat ALWAYS wake her up MOL!)!  MORNIN, Ma! Merry Christmas!! I Hungree I wants brekfist! I wants tew opens my purrezzies!!! Um.........NOW!! Purrr PURRRRRR PURRRRR!!

Sew Ma gib me my brekfist an an an I eets 2 bites. I tew eggsited tew eets!! Ma call me onto da an an I sees my stokin FULL ob goodies! WOWIE, Ma! Wuts I gots???? Furst ting - MOUSIES!! Frum Mikey!!!! Six ob dem! Reel tiny mousies! I LUBS mousies!! Ma take one out an an an toss it. I kins feels dat inner lion wakin up..............

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! I pounces on dat mousie - it beder be sayin its purrayers rite now......smak smak smak chomp chomp chomp kik kik kik kik kik!!! Toss! RRRAAAAAAAAAAAARRR!! Pounce I grabs it an an an I YANKS yanks yanks an an an POP! off it tale come! YIPEE! I half kilt it now! Den I runs bak tew Ma.....

Wut else I gots, Ma? Oh....lookies heer........a Bananananana! sniff sniff Sniff SNiff SNIff SNIFF SSSSSSNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! ooooooooooooooo! cccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!
Zip Zoom Zooooooooom Zooooooooooooooooooom onto da chare ontew da coush race round da coush an ontew da floor zip zip zoooooooooooooooooooom intew da bedroom on top ob da bed down da steps an an an bak tew my burnanernanernaner.......SNIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! aaaaaaaaaah! i feels reel gud rite now ma...............

(Ma sez I gots more toys in my stokin.......I reely dunno cares.........) It time fur a nappy!

Later I finds LOTS more toys! Balls, puffs, all kinds a reely fun stuffs! WOWIE I reeely bin sperled!

Den ant Brenda, Unkie Carl, an dar furrend Steve come ober fur lunsh. OH it smell GUD!! I smelt TOOKEY! I Lubs tookey! Sew I sits by Ma's chare an I begs eber sew sweetly.........MEYOW!! An an an I gits a peec ob tookey! Delishis! Den I politely begs frum Ant Brenda, Unkie Carl, an an an Steve. An dey eech gib me a peec ob tookey! I lubs Ant Brenda, Unkie Carl, an an an Steve.

After Lunsh, dey opens dar purrezzies. I climbs on dar lap an an an gets lots ob tenshun frum dem! Lots ob pets an an an skritches! I likes dat furry mush! Den I takes a loooooooooooooooooooooong nap! I eggzawsted!!

Later on I take anudder long nap wid Ma. Den we wakes up an I plays wid my toys.....wut fun! I had a wunnerful Christmas, fur shur! I spreled rotten an an an I enjoy ebry minit ob it!

pee ess Happy Birfda Jocelyn!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Efurryone!

Ma an I wants tew wishies all ob our beloved furrends a furry blessed an Merry Christmas!!! I hopes dat Santa Paws bring yew LOTS ob toys an treets! Mos ob yew bin furry gud - cept mebe one or tew........

Dis Ma an my tradishun fur Christmas:

Ma get out her Bible an magnifyin ting an an an reeds Luke Chapter 2, which bees bout Creator's Son, who was tew bees King. As she was reedin, I start askin sum kweshuns, kuz I dunno reely unnastands sum tings.

Da Bible say dat Creator's Son, who was tew bees king, bin born in a stable! A STABLE???? Creator's Son bin borned in a STABLE??? Dew yew no how yukky a stable bees????? Dat war cows, sheeps, camels, an an an udder animals stays an an an it bees dirty an poopy, slobbery an an an STINKEE!! I meens BIG TIME STINKEE!!

Now I wudda tot dat Creator wudda want His Son tew bin borned in a nice nice 5 star hotel (they didn't have 5 star hotels back then, Margo) - or mebge a manshun wid marble floors kuz Son was tew bees King!!

Wowie - I dunno unnerstands dat! An an an guess wut? Ma sez dey dinno eben hab DIAPERS bak den! Nope!! Sew Mary, his Ma, rap him in RAGS!! RAGS!! Can yew beleebs dat????? I bees gettin a liddl upsets kuz I canno konmpreehen dis ting dat Creator's Son, who wuz tew bees King, went tru!

An an an yew nos wut else?? It bin sush a miracle dat a BIG BIG brite star shine in da sky! Modern science proob dat! WOWIE!! It guide hoomans tew Creator's Son, who wuz tew bees king.

AN AN AN all da angels in Heben bin SEW egsited dat Creator's Son bin borned, dat dey burst tru da sky an sings GLORY HALLELUJAH tew Creator's Son, who suz tew bees king! WOWIE!! Dis bees purrty amazin tew me!

Sew I cuddles up close tew Ma's eyes an nose an clings tew her. An she tell me dat eben dough Christmas bees da day we celebrates Creator's Son who wuz tew bees king's birfday, dat Son's storee dunno ends dar............... an an an dat venshually Creator's Son die a horrybull deth on a cross, which I dunno unnerstans, but Son did dat acuz He LUB hoomans an want tew makes a way fur dem tew be wid Him in heben!!!

Sew dat wut Christmas meen tew me an Ma.


Merry Christmas ebryone!

Mush Lubs,
Margo & Ma

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dis an Dat - Margo's Tales (DUNNO TUCH MY TALE!!)

 Guess Wut???? I has Christmas Purrezzies!!! Yep! LOTS ob dem!! One ob Ma's swappin furrends send me a Christmas Stockin wid room fur my pikshur on it an an an it bees FULL ob purrezzies fur me!! WOWIE!!!  An an an Mikey send me a purrezzie an an an Alfie frum England send me a purrezzie........... an an an MEEN MA sez I canno opens dem until Christmas day.........................meen ma!

Tewda bin diffykult. I hab *Mega-Poop* an an an it hoot a lot. I cry cry cry cry cry! I kudno use my litter box..........Ma no mad. in fak, she cuddle me wen I got don. She didno hab no pumkin tew gibs me an an an she felt bad. But I ok now. I sleep mos ob da mornin after dat.

Ma's boo boo gettin beder an I glad bout dat. It dunno smells no more. Da noos still come ebry day. But I glad she gettin beder.

Yesserda ma an I bin playin wid my snake on a wand an an an I bin FERROSHIS!! I smaks it an an an bites it an chases it all ober da bedroom! An I stalks it an tries tew KILTS it, but I didno kilt it........yet (snicker snicker). An an an I do tubmlesalts, tew! Dat make Ma laff. All ob a sudden I dissapeeers under da bed tew play wid my toys in my stash. Ma heer me thumpin round an bein rowdy an she laff.

All ob a sudden I feels sumtin weeeerd on my fut an I PANIKS!!! My eeers go bak an my tale fluff out (DUNNO TUCH MY TALE) an an an I RACE out frum under da bed an I limps. Ma hab a startle look on her face an I dashes out ob da bedroom askairt tew deth!! Ma try tew cach me an she miss sew she grab my tale........DUNNO TUCH MY TALE, MA!!

She luk at me an an an see dat I has a SPIDE"Y TRAP on my fut...........(DUNNO TUCH MY FUT, MA!!) an an an she YANK it off ob an an I lost bout a gazillion hares from my fut........MEEN SPIDEY TRAP!!! Yew apposta cach SPIDEYS, no ME!!! MEEN SPIDEY TRAP!!

Ma wash my fut wid soup -um ... sowp? WUDEBER an an an I dunno likes dat........Meen Ma tuch my fut :(  :(  :(  Den she let me down an an an I goes an liks my fut till it reeeely kleen. Sheesh. I hopes I neber eber meets anudder Spidey trap!

Udder den dat, not mush else happnin. It cold. We hab white stuffs fur a few days. Den rane rane rane. Now it dry an an an I dunno tinks we agunna has a white Christmas.

Mush Lubs,

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I bin SOUND SLEEP on Ma's bed dis mornin, dreemin 'bout my Mikey, when all ob a sudden, MEEN MA pik me up an an an I wakes up :( :(  Meen Ma distoob my wunnerful dreem!!! An an an den she put me in da Baffroom!! Imagine dat - yew bin sleepin an an an dreemin an an an den your Ma wake yew up an stik yew in da baffroom.............MEEN MA!! Wut goin on????

Oh - it da weekend noos takin care ob Ma. Sew, I annoy, furry annoy, an an an I decides tew tell dat noos all bout it. MEEEEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOOOOW! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY?OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I heers dem bot GIGGLIN!!! It NO FUNNY, MEEN MA!!!!  MEEEEEYOWOOOOOOOOO *hic hic*
Now yew dun it Meen Ma!! I gots da hic hics!! MEEN MA an an an MEEN WEEKEND NOOS bust out LAFFIN!!! Now I embarss :( :(

It dinno takes long an Meen Ma let me out ob da baffroom. I agunna agnores Ma fur a LONG time!! Meen Weekend Noos try tew talks sweet tew me an pets me.........FURGIT IT!! I agunna agnores Yew, Tew!!!!

Now I gwumpee. Tanks a lot, Meen Ma..
grumble bumble grumble.