Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I reeely likes fowers. Yep! In fak, ebry time Ma git sum, I needs tew sniffs dem rite away. Iffin she dunno lets me, I carries on yowlin until I gits tew sniffs dem.

Sew Ma bin talking wid a furrend on da fone bout flowers. Yew no, roses, dayzees, jonkwills, krokiss, panzees an *Hay-Biskits*!

WUT??? Ma - did yew sez *Hay- Biskits*?  WUT in da WERLD bees a HAY-BISKITS???? I never herd ob dat I neber seen one ob dat.....it sound like it sumtin fur a HOOS tew eeets - yew no - hay on a biskit..yuck! I dunno tinks I eben wants tew SNIFFS one ob dem *HAY-BISKITS*..........P U !!

Ma iffin dis bees reeel I needs tew sees a pikshur ob dat hayroll flower...... Wut? It pronounc *Highbiscuss*...........oh, wudeber lemme sees dat pikshur!

Sew Ma surf da *internets* an an an find a pikshur ob dat haybiskits. WOWIE!! Dat one big flower! It furry purrtee! I Wants One NOW, Ma!! Gits me a haybiskit flower now!!!! um........pleeeeeez? NO, MA! I am no a hoos! Stops teezin me.......smak!

Sheeeeesh. Now I agunna dreems bout dem hayrolls all nite.........


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  1. I like flowers too and have to sniff them when they come home.