Saturday, December 15, 2012


WOWIE!!  Onlee ten more days till I gits tew opens up my BIG BIG BOX frum my Seekrit Santa!! I SEW EGGSITED!!!

Hey MA! long bees 10 days????? Kins I has a SNEEK PEEK at it??? Jus open one half ob da top ob it??? PLEEEZE???

NO???  *RATS* dat NO A POUT! I jus has tew waits............sigh........

Ma an Ant Peggy bin makin Christmas cookies an an an da hous smell DELISHIS!! An Ma bin nice an gib me a small peec of a shugrrr cookie. NOM NOM NOM! It GUD!! But I canno has nun ob da speeecy cookies acuz it mite upset my tummy. Dat ok. I gits one cookie :)

Ebry mornin I walks pass dat BIG BIG BOX an I wunders wut bees inside.......... BUT, Ma hab sum rap purezzies dat she canno opens till Christmas I dunno feels sew bad now bout dat! SHE hab tew waits, tew NEENER NEENER!!

How mene hours in ten days, Ma???? WUT??? 240 hours???? Oh my dat tew mene..........


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  1. Cat O Cat Margo we are all tails in the air waggin too!