Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Bees a Skallywag..............wut dat?????

Meen Ma sed I bees a *skallywag*  WUT DAT MEEN MEEN MA????

See, I bin hungree sew I asks tew bees fed. Ma fed me. It weren't nuff, sew I asks fur more. Sew she gib me more. I  STILL not full, sew I complains an complains. Ma tell me DAT NUFF complainin.

Sew I runs on da bed and yowls tew goes under da cubbers. ma lift up da ccubbers an I runs in dar. But den I runs out an decides tew YOWEL at da top ob my lungs! I decides I still hungree.

Sew I complains, complains, complains an Ma gitten frustrate. Sew she put MORE fud in my bowl. I takes ONE liddl bite, an an an decides I no hungree.

Sew I yowls an yowls and I uses da litter box an yowls sum more! At dis point, Ma start tellin me ENOUGH, MARGO!!!

Well I dunno likes dat. Sew I runs on da bed an yowls. Ma lift up da cubbers agin, I runs in,, an runs out, an yowls sum more. Ma gettin mad. She know dat wen I gits like dis, I werks myself up an an an pukes an an she dunno wants me tew duz dat.

SEW, finally, she pik me up, sit in da rekliner, an holds me. Den I settles down. I jumps off ob her, runs on da bed agin, an YOWLS at da TOP ob my lungs. Ma bin frustrate.............she bin furry firm wid me......MARTO, STOP IT!!!


She lift up da cubbers, call me a Skallyway - sudeber dat meen. I goes under da cubbers, turns round round round an an an goes tew sleeps.

Is I reely a skallywag???


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My gunness wut a winter it bees heer. Colder den cold! Hi temps in the -4 or lower. Low temps -10, Wind chill 15 - 30 belo zero. I sew tankful dat I bees a INDOOR kitty!

Iffin yew needs tew goes outside, yew needs to purrtek yoreself an an an bees WARM!! Yew needs a GUD hat an an an a GUD skarf!

Mazie an Hazel Lucy's Mommy make GAWJUS hats an an an skarfs for hoomans, Dey purrfeshinal made. She kroshay dem. Ma hab 2 skarf an an a hat dat she made an dey REEEELY keeps her warm! She also make BAYBEE BLANKIES!! She hab some alrede made, or yew kins chews wut color yew wants!

An an an fur Kits an an an Pups, she make Tranquility Blankets! I has tree ob dem.............mebbe fo. I lubs tew lays on dem. She also make hat an an an collars fur us FASHIONABLE kits an an an pups! Eben Stroller Liners!! WOWIE!! She furry talented!

Yew needs tew cheks it out! Heer bees her website. Tells her dat Margo send you!

Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets
Dar bees LOTS of pikshurs of cool kits an pups warin an layin on da BEEYOOTEEFUL blakees, hats an an an collars she make! MY pikshur bees dar...........sees iffin yew kins finds me!
Pleeeez stys warm!
Mush Lubs,