Sunday, January 1, 2012

Urthkwayk Bird

DDB (Benny da Beeker) not sew dum as I tot........I hates tew admits dat........ See, he make dis skreech sound wen dar bees a urthkwayk. It a furry panik sound. Wen he make dat sound, Ma wate a few minits an an an den chek da urthkwayk paj


an lo an behol dar bin a urthkwayk sumware relatiblee close tew us. Dar bin 2 urthkwayks in Okleehomer - one tewda an an an one yesserda. Urthkwayk bird let Ma no bout dem. He gib me a hedake.

But I start tew tinks bout dis......DDB bees a URTHKWAYK BIRD!! I betcha he bees wurth a million buks......... Sew I decides tew discuss dis wid Ma.

HEY MA! I sez! Wuddya tinks bout avertisin DDB as a URTHKWAYK BIRD!!! Yew kuds git him on da neews an an an maybee sells him on eBay or Craig's List!!Tink ob all da big buks yew kuds make! Tink ob all da cat food an an an toys yew kuds git me!! An an an mebe a car fur yew, tew!

WUT?? Yew dunno tinks nobuddy wuds be interest?? I tinks yew bees rong bout dat! Iffin Elvis still bin alive HE wud buy DDB in a blink! Why???? Dunno yew rememememembers he rote dat sont
*I'm All Shook Up!* ??? (uh huh uh huh)!

An an an jus tinks! No more skreechin bird. No more hedakes! Peec an an an kwiet in da hous!!! Wuddaya tinks, Ma?
.MEEN MA!!! Sheesh.

Wuddaya kitties tinks? I needs sum support here!

Tanks an an an Happee Noo Yeer!

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  1. Margo! Margo! YOU IS A GEEEEEEEnius. SELL DAT BIRDIE and make a FURTUNE!! :)))

    hugs, Margo-- this is Da Word from Doggi TheCat, Sable's brofur)