Friday, September 7, 2012

Ma's Birfda Purrezzie!

Ma's birfda bees Sunday. Ebry yeer I stresses bout wut tew gits her, cuz my lowance onlee bees nuff for food (I HUNGREE MA!! FEEDS ME NOW!!), da Bad Bad Vet Man visit (PFFFFFFFFFFFT!) an an an litter box stuff (*BLUSH*). I always ends up gibin her LOTS ob cuddles, kissies, an an an purrrrrrs, and she lub dat - I duz, tew!

But dis yeer, I reeeeely gibs her a grrrrrrate purrezzie! Las nite I dinno feels tew gud, an an an I starts tew *MOOOOOOOOOOOO* Ma sez I sounds like a cow.......I NO A COW, MA!!! I  A CAT!!! My tummy dinno feels tew gud. Sew, Ma came lukin fur me, an an an she cudno sees me acuz it dark an she dinno has her glasses on.  She stop, an an an I goes HACK an an an out come a HUGE HARBALL!!! Rite ontew Ma's lef fut! WOWIE!! Wut a shot!! I cudno hab dun dat iffin I reeely tried! snicker snicker snicker snicker mol mol mol mol HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR! OH I canno STANDS it HAAR HAAR

an an an I starts tew *MOO* agin an an an Ma pik me up wid dat harball STILL on her FUT an she put me intew da baffroom.

Dat da funnest an bestest giftie I eber gib Ma! Rite on her fut! OH DAT FUNNEE!!!!



1 comment:

  1. ONC MA! We wishes youz a HAPPY BIRFDAYZ.
    So sorree we are late but we took a nap and then had to play and then nap and, well you know us Cats.
    Purrs and Bonks Ma!