Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I has a Foontin

Da udder day dis B I G box arrib at da frunt door. Ma tell me dat dis box fur ME!! WOWIE I sez! It reeeeely B I G ! ! !  Dat meens LOTS ob TOYS or LOTS ob FOODS!! HURRIES, Ma - opens it up NOW!!! I impashint!!

Sew Ma open da box - nooooooooooo toys.....*RATS!*  nooooooooo foods.......*RATS!* Nope. Den I seez a bowl. How eggsitin.........NOT!! *RATS!* I dunno needs annuder bowl.

Den dar bin a liddl tower wid a arm. Ok I tinks.....dat interestin.

Ma kleen it up, fills it wid water an I gibs her a funnee luk. Den she plug it in an an an all ob a sudden, dat bowl become a FOONTIN!! Da water drip off da arm intew da bowl!

OH! Dat interestin I tinks. Sew, I goes tew inspeks. I takes a liddl drink. WOWIE! Dis water taste GUD!! Hmmmmmmmmm an an an I drinks sum more. I decides dat I LIKES dis foontin. Now I has runnin water all da time an an an I dunno has tew wakes up Ma at 4am fur a drink frum da shower hosie. Fresh, filter water. LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP!

Ma sed she furry happee acuz I drinkin more den I usta drinks. She sed she know acuz I pee more in da litter box *BLUSH* sheesh I embarrs myself :(

Sew Ma happe, and I happee. DDB cudno cares. He ignorinit. Dat a form of ignore. Dat acuz he dum.

a well watered Margo
a happee Ma
a truly dum bird!

1 comment:

  1. We gotta waterfall tooz.
    Make dat wata tazt gud fur-sure
    Love you Margo and Mom too