Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Kilt Da Bird

No, I dinno kilts Dat Dum Bird...........much as I wuds likes tew eets him up........No, Ma git me da toy call *Da Bird*!

It a wand toy wid fethers an an an it fly round like a reeeel bird! It furry eggsitin! I lubs tew cach it an an an kilts it! Now I dunno jumps an spins like da cat in da commershul acuz I onlee has 3 legs. But I stalks it reel gud. I LIKES playin an kiltin Da Bird!!

Tankee furry mush, Ma fur gittin me dis wunnerful toy!

Mush Lubs,

pee ess..........iffin yew dunno has Da Bird yew shuds asks yore pawrents tew gits one fur yew! Ma git hers on

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Plays Hides an an an Seeks

One ob my fabrit games tew plays wid Ma bees *Hides an an an Seeks*! Wen Ma bizee, I hides somewares in da housie. Den I YOWLS at da top ob my lungs until Ma come an find me. Den she sez *Gotcha!* an an an I runs runs runs round da housie!

Den I finds ANNUDER place tew hides an an an duz da same ting. It FUN! Yew shuds tries it! It always make Ma laff, an an an dat gud! I duz dis tree or foo times an den Ma pik me up an cuddle me. I likes dat tew!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

I SUSH a gud gurl!

Ma bin takin a nap. She hab a ruff day wid pane. Sew I sleeps wid her.  But sumtin not rite, I kins tell. Ma's blood sugar gettin tew low.

SEW, I POUNCES on her chess (OOOOOF!! Margo!) Den I smaks her nose an kissies her face.
(OK OK OK Margo, get off me!).  She chek her blood sugar an it onlee 65!

She pik me up, gib me kissies, bring me wid her tew da kishen an she git a drink ob joos. Den she tell me I SUSH A GUD GURL!!!!!

Well, ob kors I bees a gud gurl! I a *Registered Kitty Nurse*  an an an I takes gud care ob yew acuz I LUBS YEW, MA!!!

Margo, R. K. N.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

KORN on Ma's FUT?????

Boy.........tings gettin weeeerder an weeerder in dis house. First it bees dat haybiskit flower, an today Ma tell Ant Brenda dat she hab KORN on da bottom ob her fut!!

KORN??? Wut korn???? I dinno sees no korn! I dinno smells no korn....... an an an iffin I did smells it I prolly wudda eeeeten it!

But korn bees messy. WHY yew has korn on your FUT, Ma??? I dunno unnerstans!!!

Eneways, Ma go out dis mornin. She bin gone tew long. More dan a hour. Dat tew long :(  She call Ant Brenda an tell her dat da BAD BAD FUT DOC DOC REMOOOOOOB da korn frum da bottom ob her fut.......

Well, Ma - WARE IS IT??? I wants tew sees dat KORN! I dunno beleeeebs yew!! NO hoomin I no hab KORN on dar futs!

Sheesh. Wut will she comes up wid neks????


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I reeely likes fowers. Yep! In fak, ebry time Ma git sum, I needs tew sniffs dem rite away. Iffin she dunno lets me, I carries on yowlin until I gits tew sniffs dem.

Sew Ma bin talking wid a furrend on da fone bout flowers. Yew no, roses, dayzees, jonkwills, krokiss, panzees an *Hay-Biskits*!

WUT??? Ma - did yew sez *Hay- Biskits*?  WUT in da WERLD bees a HAY-BISKITS???? I never herd ob dat I neber seen one ob sound like it sumtin fur a HOOS tew eeets - yew no - hay on a biskit..yuck! I dunno tinks I eben wants tew SNIFFS one ob dem *HAY-BISKITS*..........P U !!

Ma iffin dis bees reeel I needs tew sees a pikshur ob dat hayroll flower...... Wut? It pronounc *Highbiscuss*...........oh, wudeber lemme sees dat pikshur!

Sew Ma surf da *internets* an an an find a pikshur ob dat haybiskits. WOWIE!! Dat one big flower! It furry purrtee! I Wants One NOW, Ma!! Gits me a haybiskit flower now!!!! um........pleeeeeez? NO, MA! I am no a hoos! Stops teezin me.......smak!

Sheeeeesh. Now I agunna dreems bout dem hayrolls all nite.........


Friday, September 14, 2012

WUT a week..............

Ma bin furry meen lately. Las Frida she leeb me alone. I DUNNO likes tew bees lef alone :( She come home an her eyes bees wet. I no she miss me, but reeely.........mol!

Saturday MEEN MA leeb me AGIN! :( :( :( Wen she come bak, she has a bag ob APPLES! Dey smells gud, sew I asks her fur one...........I dinno likes it furry mush sew I spits it out.

Sunday, Ma's birfda,  Ant Peggy come in da affernoon an dat bin reeeel nice! She gib me lots ob tenshun. I need dat acuz Meen Ma leeb me alone sew mush. MEEN MA!

Monday Meen Ma bin gone a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! Boy I bin upset wen she git home. But she all happee an an an smilin.  I glad tew sees dat Meen Ma bees in a gud mood. She sit an puts her futs up acuz dey hoot an an an I no dat, sew I climb in her lap an an an gibs her kissies an an an I purrrrrrssssss!

Toosda Ma no in sush a gud mood. Her *internets* stop werkin. Ma dunno likes dat. Den Ant Brenda call all upset tinkin Ma no ok. Den Ma find out her phone dinno werks.......Ma bin upsets agin...........

Wednesday NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK on da door........DA POOLEEEEES! MA!! Wut did yew dew?????? I agunna runs an hides sew I dunno goes tew jale........HONEST MA!! I dinno pull dat kord.............

Later dat nite, AGIN, NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK - da partment manager come tew sees iffin Ma bees ok........well, Ma bees fine an an an I dunno unnerstans dis..........

Ma bin stress. I dunno likes it wen Ma bees stress. Sew I tries tew haaaaalps her. I walks round da house yowlin reeeeeel sad like. Frum my bellie. No a moo, jus a sad OWOOOOOOOOO OWOOOOOOO! MEEN MA tell me tew *KWITCHERBELLYAKIN, MARGO!! Sheesh. Ma gwumpee :(

Yesserda Virginia come ober tew duz Ma an my laundree. Virginia FURRY smart! She no how tew puts tewgedder Ma's pooter tingies an an an she git a fone fur Ma tew. Ma feel a lot beder after dat.

Den tewda, FINALLY, Ma's pooter AND fone werks. Sheesh. Wut a week.

OH OH OH - an an an Ma git 3 boo-k's fur her birfda!!! One fur me acuz it bees frum MY furrends Be-Little an an an Baby G! One from Ant Brenda, an an an one frum Lainy! I gits tew smells ALL ob dem an an an dey smells WUNNERFUL! I LUBS flowers! Sew I tells Ma dey MY flowers. No hers. MINE MINE MINE MINE! She sez ok Margo wudeber mol mol!

Sew, tings bak tew normal heer now. Tankee Creator's Son furry mush. An an an tankee tew all Ma's furrends fur purrayin fur her an an an carin sew mush fur an an ME!

Mush Lubs,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ma's Birfda Purrezzie!

Ma's birfda bees Sunday. Ebry yeer I stresses bout wut tew gits her, cuz my lowance onlee bees nuff for food (I HUNGREE MA!! FEEDS ME NOW!!), da Bad Bad Vet Man visit (PFFFFFFFFFFFT!) an an an litter box stuff (*BLUSH*). I always ends up gibin her LOTS ob cuddles, kissies, an an an purrrrrrs, and she lub dat - I duz, tew!

But dis yeer, I reeeeely gibs her a grrrrrrate purrezzie! Las nite I dinno feels tew gud, an an an I starts tew *MOOOOOOOOOOOO* Ma sez I sounds like a cow.......I NO A COW, MA!!! I  A CAT!!! My tummy dinno feels tew gud. Sew, Ma came lukin fur me, an an an she cudno sees me acuz it dark an she dinno has her glasses on.  She stop, an an an I goes HACK an an an out come a HUGE HARBALL!!! Rite ontew Ma's lef fut! WOWIE!! Wut a shot!! I cudno hab dun dat iffin I reeely tried! snicker snicker snicker snicker mol mol mol mol HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR! OH I canno STANDS it HAAR HAAR

an an an I starts tew *MOO* agin an an an Ma pik me up wid dat harball STILL on her FUT an she put me intew da baffroom.

Dat da funnest an bestest giftie I eber gib Ma! Rite on her fut! OH DAT FUNNEE!!!!