Tuesday, December 25, 2012


OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!  It Christmas an an an I kins opens my boxes now!! I sew eggsited!  HURRIES UP, Ma an an an opens my Seekrit Santa Box!

Wut dis? It wite, round, soft, cushy - it a BEEN BAG BEDDIE! WOWIE!! Hoo dis frum, Ma??? Hoo my Seekrit Santa bees????

It LILY from Colliefurnya! WOWIE!! Wut a nice purrezzie! Tankee sew mush, Lily!

HURRIES MA!! Opens da udder big box!! Wut takin yew sew long??? Oh - it taped reel gud mol mol mol!

Wut dis?? It oval, diffrint colors, furry purrty - it a bed! It frum Mazie in Pencilvayna!!! Tankee furry mush, Mazie!

Now I has 2 noo beds an an an I has a trankwiltee blankee fur eech ob dem! WOWIE!! I sperled!

An an an Ma git a furry kyoot kitty blankee from her sister, Lydia! I kins SHARES it wid Ma! It furry warm an an an furry kyoot! I likes it sew mush! Tankee, Lydia! Yew sperls me, tew!

So I a furry happee kitty! Beddies an an an blankee.......wut more could a kitty want!

Mush Lubs,


  1. Meowy Christmas Margo & Ma! Boy it sounds like you both had a pawsome day!

  2. Wow what a wonderfur time!
    That is a grrreat prezzie Margo we are all purring along with you
    Love you and Ma!
    Timmy T and Family