Monday, December 17, 2012


I found out las nite dat I has ANNUDER BIG red BOX comin fur me - ebrytin in it fur ME!! I SEW EGGSITED!! Now I agunnas has 2 BIG BOXES tew opens on Christmas day! WOWIE CHIWOOWOO!!

NEENER NEENER MA ONLEE HAB ONE BIG BOX tew OPENS! But she gots lotsa liddl purrezzies tew opens :)

I sew eggsited I agunna duz a DANCE an an an sings a SONG!!! Yew all rememememembers my tale dance, rite??  Oh - well fur dos ob yew hoo dunno wut a tale dance bees - I tells yew!

Furst yew raises yor tale strait UP! Den yew lowers yore tale strait DOWN! Den you moob it tew da RITE an an an den yew moob it tew da LEF!! An an an den, you goes SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE wid yore TALE!

Now acuz I onlee has 3 legs, it go like dis...

Step step hop (tale up) Step step hop (tale down)
Step step hop(tale rite) Step step hop (tale lef)
SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE SWISHIE - da tale go round an round an round! -

But mos ob yew has foo legs sew jus take annuder step. Kleer as mud? (wudeber dat meens)!


I has one box (step step hop)
But I agunna has 2 boxes (step step hop)
Tew opens on Christmas Day (step step hop)
I a lukee cat (step step hop)
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (swishie swishie da tale etc.)

(scamper scamper scamper scamper)

I a lukee cat (step step hop)
On Christmas Day (step step hop)
I agunna has 2 big boxes (step step hop)
Tew opens up! (step step hop)
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (swishie swishie swishie)

(scamper scamper scamper scamper!!)

Mush Lubs,

pee ess - dat scamperin bees acuz I sew eggsited! MOL MOL MOL!


  1. Hoo Cat Margo
    Yoo gonna be onna TV soon iffin youz keep up wit dat dancin.
    We gonna try
    Line up boyz
    Step Step Step
    Tail Raght Tail Left Swishy Swishy
    Step Step... RUMPY! Get back in line!

    We better practice some
    Timmy T and Family

  2. Hi Margo
    Me again.
    Would it be ok if I shared your dance with Catster Friends?