Saturday, August 4, 2012


NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK! Ma git up an anser da door. Hoo dat? I asks. All ob a sudden, deez KIDS an an 2 big peeps comes in da door! Hey Ma - yew no all deez peeps an an an kids???????

I had tew inspeks all ob dem. Lots ob diffrint smells! Dar dis liddl gurl, Ayla. She bout 4 yeers old. She SEW sweet an an an I lubs her SEW mush! I gibs her kissies on her leg an an an she pet pet pet me! I talks tew her an an an she smile! MA!! Kins I KEEPS Ayla??? I lubs her!

Da big man pet me, too! He talk tew me. Now I has LOTS ob noo furrends! WOWIE!! I sew eggsited!

It make Ma furry happee, tew! She git a bag of froot, inkludin a banananananana! I no she like banananananas! Dat furry totful ob dem.

Wut a grate day! I eggzawsted now! I agunna takes me a nap an an an dreems bout me an Ayla!

Mush Lubs,

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  1. Hooo Cat! Nice to have vistors! Purrs all around!
    Our Pops likes them bananaramas tooz. An Orangies and Strawberries when dey on salez.
    Purrs to our Margo