Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I sings Ant Brenda a Lullyboo!

Tewda Ant Brenda call Ma, like she allway duz. See, a furry gud frend ob Ma an Ant Brenda's pass away las week, an an an Ma an Ant Brenda furry sad an dey has wet eyes.

Well, Ant Brenda start tew cry an an an I dunno likes it wen enebuddy cry :( Sew I gets neer da fone an an an I meows REEEEEL loud - dat startle Ant Brenda - an an an den I purrs her a furry speshil Lullyboo! An I purrs an an an purrs an an an purrs. It make Ant Brenda feels beder! Dis wut a gud noos kitty shuds do wen dar Ma or a gud furrend bees sew sad!

Sew, iffin yew bees sad tewnite, Heer bees a Lullyboo just fur yew!

Purr Purr Purr Purr PUrr PUrr PUrr PURrrr PURrr PURRrrrrrr
PURRRrrrrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR hic  (sorree bout dat) PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR PURRRRRRRRRRRRR PURRRRRRRRRRRR purr purr purr purr purrrrrrrrr

Now I hopes yew feels beder.

Mush Lubs,
Margo, Registered Kitty Noos (nurse)

Friday, January 18, 2013

I has ANNUDER noo game!

Yep! It call Da Pillo Hoppies! An an an it FUN!!!

See, Ma bin ressless las nite an an an she bin tossin an an an turnin. Sew I sez tew myself, I tinks Ma want tew plays wid me!

SEW, I HOPS on her pillo an goes to one side, den I HOPS back ober tew da udder side, an an an I goes bak an fort an bak an fort an an an I sez *BRRRRRRRTT!* ebry time! An I goes Faster an FAster an FASTER!!! An my tale strait up, my eers bak, my eyes big as sawsers......WARP SPEED!


Oh - Hiya, Ma! Dis sew mush fun! Puts yore hed down on da pillo sew I kins steps on it wen I goes across MOL MOL MOL! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

"M A R G O ! ! "

Wut, Ma? ooooooooops an an an Ma grab me an hold me tite. Well, she no agunna gits away wid dat mol! I turns my hed an an an attaks her face wid KISSIES!!! LOTS ob KISSIES!!!

giggle giggle giggle giggle

An ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I races off da bed intew da libin room, an an an onto my Throne. I turns round round round, lays down, an goes tew sleeps!

um.......Ma still awake........


Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Noo Game!

I has a noo game! Yep! It fun! It crazy! It ME mol!

See, after I uses da box, I gets frisky. Sew tewda I RACE up the steps into da bed an an an yowl. Ma pik up da cubbers sew I kins go underneeth. But I duz sumtin diffrint!

I RUN RUN RUN round da bed under da cubbers an an I find Ma's hand an ATTAK IT!!! RRRRRRRRRRRROAAARRRR!

Den I RUNS on TOP ob da cubbers round round round an an an smaks Ma's hand, an jumps OFF da bed, race round da bedroom, den bak up da steps.

Ma pik up da cubbers agin..........ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOOOOM! I races round, finds her hand an an an attak it agin! RRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!! Ma tikle me an an an I ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM out frum under da cubbers an ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM round da bed tree times an an an den off da bed an ZOOOOOOOOOM round da bedroom (eeers bak, eyes big as buttons, tale strait up, etc. yew no, WARP SPEED)!

An under da cubbers I go! All ob a sudden Ma lift UP da cubbers! I no spektin dat mol! Sew I dashes out.  She put da cubbers down an I races on top! She cubber me agin an an an tikle me! Sew I attaks her hand! RAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

DIS FUN. MA! Yew crazee like me MOL MOL!

I tired now. Nitey Nite!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happee Noo Yeer!

Da hollydays bees over now. but it bin gud! It a noo yeer. Did yew makes a rezolushun fur dis yeer? I dinno, reely. I just pawromis Ma dat I wuds takes gud care ob her an an an an lub her fureber! Dat gud!

I wants tew sez tankee furry mush tew Lily, my Seekrit Santa, fur da beenie bag bed, an an an tew Mazie fur da Cat In Da Klover bed!

An an an tankee tew efurryone hoo sent me an Ma cards:

Kalifurnia Krew
The Tomcat House
Ronon an famblee
The Down Under Gang
Ginny Bean an famblee
Ozzie & Harriet
Hooch an famblee
Be-Little & Baby-G
Mietze & Timo
Angel Wendy
The Kitty Crew
Biscotti an famblee
Mikey an famblee
Newman an famblee
The Keighley Kitties
Jasper, Jillina & Jobel

Tigress an famblee
Oly an famblee
Ashley, Tony, & Angel Callie
Oliver an Dewey
Kitty Pryde
Roger Bleu & Humphree Lee

I Wishes evurry kitty an dar famblee a WUNNERFUL, happee, helthee, an fun filled NOO YEER!

Mush Lubs,
& DDB............