Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dis mornin I heers nok nok at da front door. Ma open da door an an an Connie, da partment manajer come in an sez dat she agunna duz a *INSPECTION*.

Well, I comes out an sez MEOWIE tew her.........an an an tells her dat she dunno needs tew do no inspekshun acuz I takes care ob dat! I inspek da hous ebry day!!! Yep! I makes shur dat no bugs or spiders or nuttin like dat surviv. I makes shur dat no dum boycat get on our bak pateeo. I runs tew da door ebry time sumbuddy come. Sew she dunno needs tes inspek.

She tel me wut a gud gurl I bees an an an she stroke me an an an I lubs on her. I likes her sew mush! But she hab tew inspek da hous.

Sew, I follows her round sew dat I kins inspek da hous jus like she do.

First she luk in Ma's bedroom. Den she pull dis cord an it make a noise....I neber seen dat cord afore............dat luk like FUN!! I WILLS INSPEK DAT CORD EBRY DAY!!

'No, no, Margo! she sez. 'Don't play with that!'


Den she go intew da baffrom an an an I gets nerbis! I slinks in an sits in front ob my litter box.........PLEEEZ dunno inspek my litter box - I sew embarss..........*blush*

'Don't worry, Margo, I won't touch your box'

I furry releeb bout dat - no pun intend MOL MOL MOL!!!

Den she opend da door tew da furnace - I no allow in dar........but I sneeks a peek. Sew far, sew gud!

Den she go intew da kishen.

'Margo, I see you ate all your food, good girl!'

Ob kors, I sez! She luk under da sink an I sneeks a peek, I no allow in dar. She open d fridge...........snif Snif SNif SNIf SNIF
SNIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! OH! dat smell reeel gud! I gots tew figgrrr out how I kins  um, *inspek* dat ebry day.......snicker snicker snicker.

DEN she open da oven...........WOWIE!! Dat smell FANTASTIK!! YUM...........lemme in dar, Connie!

'No, no, Margo! Don't get in the oven!'

and she push me away......MEEN CONNIE!!!

She tell Ma dat da hous pass inspekshun. Well, I tol her she dinno has tew inspek it!!! I bin rite!!

She lub on me an talk tew Ma. Den I tells Ma dat I kins inspek da house jus like Connie did an an an Ma luk at me kinda funnee...............

Mush Lubs,

pee ess DDB jus figgrr out dat he kins play wid the spoon toy dat come from across da Big Pond! He been askairt ob it wen Ma put it in da kaj. He shake an an an cower in a corner! I guess he figgrrr out dat it will no hurts him. Tadah! Dum Bird. Sew, now he kins make da bell goes ting-a-ling. He kins beak da beeds on da spoon. He kins beaks it all he want. Wut a dum bird!

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  1. Yep Margo them inspectiCATins very important. I always inspectiCATe things round here. I inspectiCATe the stair. I inspectiCATe the couchz. inspectiCAT the Bed FUR-SHUR cauz it softee. Then Pops gimmee a treat!
    Keep up them good working Margo! Give Ma a head bump fur us too!