Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey Effuryone!

It me.........I dinno runs away. I bin takin care ob Ma. She bin takin care ob me. Dat gud. I likes my drinkwell. Dat gud. I has a noo doggie furrend name Marti. Dat gud. He lib in Florida. Dat gud. We apposta gits rain tewda. Dat gud. DDB gib me a hedake. Dat NO gud :(

He LUB his spoon toy. He git reeely rowdy wid it. He swing on it, CHEE CHEE CHEE. He beak da beeds on it CHEE CHEE CHEE. He ring da bell ober and ober. CHEE CHEE CHEE. He take da bell an pull it up tew da top ob da kaj (luks out below........!) an an an let it go. CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE!!!!! It make him happee but it gib me a hedake. grumble grumble.

MA!  DDB need a MUZZLE on his beek!!


Saturday, August 11, 2012


Ma sew funnee! She gettin undress an an an her bra pop an flip an it git stuk in her undies an an an SHE HAB A TALE!!!! MOL MOL MOL ROTFMOL!! She cudno git it off her undies! MOL MOL MOL!

Sew I teeezez her an an an I swats at dat bra. Duz Ma no how dum she luk??? HAAR HAAR HAAR HAAR hic hic hic MOL MOL hic hic hic MOL ROTFMOL! Dat a gud one, Ma!

Ma grumpin an tryin tew gits it off an dat make me eben I GRABS it an YANKS an an an it come!

I haaaalps yew, Ma! yew dunno has a tale no more!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I has a Foontin

Da udder day dis B I G box arrib at da frunt door. Ma tell me dat dis box fur ME!! WOWIE I sez! It reeeeely B I G ! ! !  Dat meens LOTS ob TOYS or LOTS ob FOODS!! HURRIES, Ma - opens it up NOW!!! I impashint!!

Sew Ma open da box - nooooooooooo toys.....*RATS!*  nooooooooo foods.......*RATS!* Nope. Den I seez a bowl. How eggsitin.........NOT!! *RATS!* I dunno needs annuder bowl.

Den dar bin a liddl tower wid a arm. Ok I tinks.....dat interestin.

Ma kleen it up, fills it wid water an I gibs her a funnee luk. Den she plug it in an an an all ob a sudden, dat bowl become a FOONTIN!! Da water drip off da arm intew da bowl!

OH! Dat interestin I tinks. Sew, I goes tew inspeks. I takes a liddl drink. WOWIE! Dis water taste GUD!! Hmmmmmmmmm an an an I drinks sum more. I decides dat I LIKES dis foontin. Now I has runnin water all da time an an an I dunno has tew wakes up Ma at 4am fur a drink frum da shower hosie. Fresh, filter water. LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP!

Ma sed she furry happee acuz I drinkin more den I usta drinks. She sed she know acuz I pee more in da litter box *BLUSH* sheesh I embarrs myself :(

Sew Ma happe, and I happee. DDB cudno cares. He ignorinit. Dat a form of ignore. Dat acuz he dum.

a well watered Margo
a happee Ma
a truly dum bird!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


NOK NOK NOK NOK NOK! Ma git up an anser da door. Hoo dat? I asks. All ob a sudden, deez KIDS an an 2 big peeps comes in da door! Hey Ma - yew no all deez peeps an an an kids???????

I had tew inspeks all ob dem. Lots ob diffrint smells! Dar dis liddl gurl, Ayla. She bout 4 yeers old. She SEW sweet an an an I lubs her SEW mush! I gibs her kissies on her leg an an an she pet pet pet me! I talks tew her an an an she smile! MA!! Kins I KEEPS Ayla??? I lubs her!

Da big man pet me, too! He talk tew me. Now I has LOTS ob noo furrends! WOWIE!! I sew eggsited!

It make Ma furry happee, tew! She git a bag of froot, inkludin a banananananana! I no she like banananananas! Dat furry totful ob dem.

Wut a grate day! I eggzawsted now! I agunna takes me a nap an an an dreems bout me an Ayla!

Mush Lubs,