Sunday, January 8, 2012


Iffin yew asks me, I tinks DDB bees in a LOT ob trubbles.....he skreech and yell an an an make all kind ob noyz tewda - annoyin noyz - no urthkwayk noyz. Sew Ma decide tew gibs him a baff.

WELL......she try tew cach him. He HATE her hand (he hate ene hand). Ma finally grab him an an an he BEEK her pinki finger HARD!! I MEENS hard! Ma yell *OUCH Benny!!*

LEMME AT HIM, Ma! I wills teech him wut happen wen he BEEK yew!! BAD BIRD!! I agunna teech yes a lessin or too bout dat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ma get him in da baffroom sink an an an he take his baff an gits all wet. He furry askairt, tew. He shakin. Ma get him out ob da sink an an an he beek her AGIN!! OH I mad at DDB!!!

He git away frum Ma an fly on da floor! I RUNS tew git him an an an I almos smak him but Ma git him jus afore da smak frum my paw..........MEEN MA!! Sheesh!!

Ma grab him an he FITE! He dunno wants bak in da kaj dum bird!! BAD BIRD!! Finally Ma git him in dar..........iffin yew asks me dat dum bird bees lukee tew bees alib........... I REELY MAD at him fur beekin Ma!

LUKS OUT DUM BIRD BENNY!!! Neks time yew mayno bees sew lukee!!! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!

Furry Annoy Margo

Hey Ma - yore fingers ok now? I wills gib dem kissies!

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  1. Oh Margo you are such a brave kitty! That bird sounds awful mean treating your Ma that way! Maybe next time you can get one of his feathers. That way when he acts out again you & wave his feather at him & he'll remember you might take more than a feather next time! MOL