Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I bees in trubbles agin.......(no da same kind)

I has a lot ob jobs tew do, yew no. I bees Ma's full time noos, ob kors. An an an I keeps her companee. We bin wachin da Olympiks. GO USA GO USA!! USA hab LOTS ob MEDALS!! Ways tew go afleeeets!!

Sumtime I dunno unnerstans zaklee wut dem afleeeets bees doin. An an an I canno figgrrrr out why sum ob dem lift hevy bars wid donuts on da end. Snatch an Jerk. Dat sound jus horrybull!!

Furgib me...I digress................MOL!

Eneways, annuder job I has is Male Inspektor. Ma get male ebry day. She git posty kards, letters, pakajis, an an an stuffs like dat. An an an sumtime dar bees a letter or pakij fur ME!! An I lets Ma no iffin da letter or pakij bin neer a dog or cat. Speshilly a cat. Speshilly iffin it bees from my troo lub an an an husband, Mikey :) *blush* I dunno likes it iffin it smell like smoke. YUK!

Sew tewday I haaaaaalps ma an I inspeks her male. Posty Card from Israel. Furry nice!! Posty Card from Canada - a butterfly!! Furry nice! Letter frum a pen pal. Ma like dat.

Den dar bin dis pakij. Ma git da sizzors an cut it open. All ob a sudden dis BEEYOOTEEFUL, soft,  TEMPTIN peec ob LACE fall out......an an an afore Ma kins eben sees it, I practize my OLYMPIC SKILL of *SNATCH AN RUN*!! I grab dat lace acuz it MINE an an an I RUNS!!

Onto my throne, under da peeano bench, underoverunderober da rungs ob da kishen chares (Ma git up an sez *MARGO! What in the world do you have??* an an an I dunno ansers her!) She start tew chase me an an an I runs FASTER (I a gud sprinter!). I dashes intew da bedroom an an an jus afore I gits under da bed, Ma grab my tale (DUNNO TUCH MY TALE!!)!! I turns around tew smaks her an an an she SNATCH dat lace frum me!!! MEEN MA!!! MEEN, MEEN MA!!

MEEEEEEYOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GIMME MY LACE BAK!!! IT MINE MINE MINE!!! MEEN MA put dat peec ob BEEYOOTEEFUL, soft, temptin (an delishis) lace in her drawer. MEEN MA!!!!

Sew I pouts an pouts an pouts an sits by dat drawer. Ma luk at me an shakes her hed. She sed sumtin bout steelin frum her. Sew I tells her I dinno STEELS it, I SNATCH it!!! Meen Ma!



  1. Oh noes Margo!

    MOL Me & meowm have been reading your latest adventures.

    Sounds like you've had quite the day! I bet Ma will let you sniff the lace after a bit.

    I'm so glad you didn't get arrested for pulling that cord! OMC the pound is no place for kitty to go to, that's for sure! **giggle**

  2. Hoo-Cat Margo you needa betterz hidey spotz!

    Iffin youz dizpeer den youz can keepitz.

    Hmm.... gotcha comin outz ta eet. Never mind.

    Love Ya Big Time an Ma too!