Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happee Noo Yeer!

Da hollydays bees over now. but it bin gud! It a noo yeer. Did yew makes a rezolushun fur dis yeer? I dinno, reely. I just pawromis Ma dat I wuds takes gud care ob her an an an an lub her fureber! Dat gud!

I wants tew sez tankee furry mush tew Lily, my Seekrit Santa, fur da beenie bag bed, an an an tew Mazie fur da Cat In Da Klover bed!

An an an tankee tew efurryone hoo sent me an Ma cards:

Kalifurnia Krew
The Tomcat House
Ronon an famblee
The Down Under Gang
Ginny Bean an famblee
Ozzie & Harriet
Hooch an famblee
Be-Little & Baby-G
Mietze & Timo
Angel Wendy
The Kitty Crew
Biscotti an famblee
Mikey an famblee
Newman an famblee
The Keighley Kitties
Jasper, Jillina & Jobel

Tigress an famblee
Oly an famblee
Ashley, Tony, & Angel Callie
Oliver an Dewey
Kitty Pryde
Roger Bleu & Humphree Lee

I Wishes evurry kitty an dar famblee a WUNNERFUL, happee, helthee, an fun filled NOO YEER!

Mush Lubs,
& DDB............

1 comment:

  1. Hi Margo
    wow you got as many cards as we did maybe more.
    We did not make any resolutions because we are all perfect here.
    Timmy Tomcat