Monday, December 26, 2011

WOWIE!! Wut a Christmas!!

Happy Boxing Day - wudeber dat meen - tew my Troo Lub Mikey an an an furrends in Canada.......Mommy - in=loo Deb - kuds yew puts Mikey in a box an an an sends him tew me?????

Sew did yew all hab a WUNNERFUL Christmas??? I shur did! It go like dis:

CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE CHEE! DDB (dat dum bird, Benny da Beaker, Ma's parakeet) habin a nite terrier!! MA! I yells!! Santy Claws bees heer! DDB Askairt ob him! Hurries! I wants tew gibs Santy kissies!! WAKES UP, MA!!

(Ma get out ob bed, goes into the livin room, turns on da lite an sweet talk to DDB an he shut up.)

MA LOOKS!! Santy Claws bin heer! My stokin FULL!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME my stokin, Ma! Um, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez??????

(No, Margo, it is still sleepy time. Come back to bed).

MEEN MA!!! Sew I grumbles and stomps bak tew bed. Ma lay down an an an I stomp on her ches, one paw at a time. STOMP STOMP STOMP. Den I gibs her kissies on her noze (M A R G O ! ! ! go to Sleep!). MEEN MA! Sew, I stomps off her ches an lays by her sholder. An I purrs. Purrrrr PUrrrrrr PURrrrr PURRRrrr PURRRRRRRRRRRR (MARGO!! Go To Sleep!) Meen Ma!

gurgle gurgle gurgle go my tummy. streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch! IT CHRISTMAS!! Sew I gibs Ma kissies on da face, da nose, da eyes (dat ALWAYS wake her up MOL!)!  MORNIN, Ma! Merry Christmas!! I Hungree I wants brekfist! I wants tew opens my purrezzies!!! Um.........NOW!! Purrr PURRRRRR PURRRRR!!

Sew Ma gib me my brekfist an an an I eets 2 bites. I tew eggsited tew eets!! Ma call me onto da an an I sees my stokin FULL ob goodies! WOWIE, Ma! Wuts I gots???? Furst ting - MOUSIES!! Frum Mikey!!!! Six ob dem! Reel tiny mousies! I LUBS mousies!! Ma take one out an an an toss it. I kins feels dat inner lion wakin up..............

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! I pounces on dat mousie - it beder be sayin its purrayers rite now......smak smak smak chomp chomp chomp kik kik kik kik kik!!! Toss! RRRAAAAAAAAAAAARRR!! Pounce I grabs it an an an I YANKS yanks yanks an an an POP! off it tale come! YIPEE! I half kilt it now! Den I runs bak tew Ma.....

Wut else I gots, Ma? Oh....lookies heer........a Bananananana! sniff sniff Sniff SNiff SNIff SNIFF SSSSSSNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! ooooooooooooooo! cccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!
Zip Zoom Zooooooooom Zooooooooooooooooooom onto da chare ontew da coush race round da coush an ontew da floor zip zip zoooooooooooooooooooom intew da bedroom on top ob da bed down da steps an an an bak tew my burnanernanernaner.......SNIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! aaaaaaaaaah! i feels reel gud rite now ma...............

(Ma sez I gots more toys in my stokin.......I reely dunno cares.........) It time fur a nappy!

Later I finds LOTS more toys! Balls, puffs, all kinds a reely fun stuffs! WOWIE I reeely bin sperled!

Den ant Brenda, Unkie Carl, an dar furrend Steve come ober fur lunsh. OH it smell GUD!! I smelt TOOKEY! I Lubs tookey! Sew I sits by Ma's chare an I begs eber sew sweetly.........MEYOW!! An an an I gits a peec ob tookey! Delishis! Den I politely begs frum Ant Brenda, Unkie Carl, an an an Steve. An dey eech gib me a peec ob tookey! I lubs Ant Brenda, Unkie Carl, an an an Steve.

After Lunsh, dey opens dar purrezzies. I climbs on dar lap an an an gets lots ob tenshun frum dem! Lots ob pets an an an skritches! I likes dat furry mush! Den I takes a loooooooooooooooooooooong nap! I eggzawsted!!

Later on I take anudder long nap wid Ma. Den we wakes up an I plays wid my toys.....wut fun! I had a wunnerful Christmas, fur shur! I spreled rotten an an an I enjoy ebry minit ob it!

pee ess Happy Birfda Jocelyn!!

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  1. Hey Margo We had a wonnerfur Christmas tooz!
    So glad you and Ma had a speshul day!
    Purrs frum Da Boyz