Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Efurryone!

Ma an I wants tew wishies all ob our beloved furrends a furry blessed an Merry Christmas!!! I hopes dat Santa Paws bring yew LOTS ob toys an treets! Mos ob yew bin furry gud - cept mebe one or tew........

Dis Ma an my tradishun fur Christmas:

Ma get out her Bible an magnifyin ting an an an reeds Luke Chapter 2, which bees bout Creator's Son, who was tew bees King. As she was reedin, I start askin sum kweshuns, kuz I dunno reely unnastands sum tings.

Da Bible say dat Creator's Son, who was tew bees king, bin born in a stable! A STABLE???? Creator's Son bin borned in a STABLE??? Dew yew no how yukky a stable bees????? Dat war cows, sheeps, camels, an an an udder animals stays an an an it bees dirty an poopy, slobbery an an an STINKEE!! I meens BIG TIME STINKEE!!

Now I wudda tot dat Creator wudda want His Son tew bin borned in a nice nice 5 star hotel (they didn't have 5 star hotels back then, Margo) - or mebge a manshun wid marble floors kuz Son was tew bees King!!

Wowie - I dunno unnerstands dat! An an an guess wut? Ma sez dey dinno eben hab DIAPERS bak den! Nope!! Sew Mary, his Ma, rap him in RAGS!! RAGS!! Can yew beleebs dat????? I bees gettin a liddl upsets kuz I canno konmpreehen dis ting dat Creator's Son, who wuz tew bees King, went tru!

An an an yew nos wut else?? It bin sush a miracle dat a BIG BIG brite star shine in da sky! Modern science proob dat! WOWIE!! It guide hoomans tew Creator's Son, who wuz tew bees king.

AN AN AN all da angels in Heben bin SEW egsited dat Creator's Son bin borned, dat dey burst tru da sky an sings GLORY HALLELUJAH tew Creator's Son, who suz tew bees king! WOWIE!! Dis bees purrty amazin tew me!

Sew I cuddles up close tew Ma's eyes an nose an clings tew her. An she tell me dat eben dough Christmas bees da day we celebrates Creator's Son who wuz tew bees king's birfday, dat Son's storee dunno ends dar............... an an an dat venshually Creator's Son die a horrybull deth on a cross, which I dunno unnerstans, but Son did dat acuz He LUB hoomans an want tew makes a way fur dem tew be wid Him in heben!!!

Sew dat wut Christmas meen tew me an Ma.


Merry Christmas ebryone!

Mush Lubs,
Margo & Ma

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