Thursday, September 15, 2011

UT OH..........OH NOES!!!

Las nite Ma hab trubbles sleepin. She toss an turn an groan. All ob a sudden her jaw go POP an an an out come her lower teef ting! An I sez WOWIE!! I agunna investergates dis teef ting! An I smells it an it smells GUD!! an an an I liks it an it TASTE GUD!! An I chews it - I needs sumtin tew keeps da tartar off my teef - dis werk!

So I decides tew takes it intew my SEEKRIT stash! Ma dunno dat I has a sekrit stash under da bed! I gots tons ob mousies an an an udder toys dar, an sumtime I run under da bed an plays an kilts dem mousies!

Sew I takes in dar an chews on it a wile an plays wid my mousies an an an I tinks NEENER NEENER MA!! Yew wills NEBER find your teef ting! snicker snicker!!

Ma git up in da mornin an she hab a funnee luk on her face an she rub her jaw (snicker snicker snicker). She take da kwilt off da bed, no teef. She take ebrytin off da bed, an NO TEEF!!! She kinda luk confoos! (snicker snicker!)

She sleep on da coush a liddl, tew, sew she go to it an serch an serch and serch fur her teef ting. She mistifyed!! She dunno war her teef ting bees! an an an it bin all I kuds dew not tew yowl in lafter!! MOL MOL!!

Den she go bak intew da an an she struggle an struggle tew gits da mattress off da bed...........ut oh I an an I YOWLS - NO NO MA!! Dunno luks dar - PLEEEEZ dunno luks dar!!

Den Ma lift up da boks springy tingy an an an she sez *MARGO!!! I can't believe you stole my dentures!! You silly cat!!!*

An Ma find my STASH!! It no a seekrit no more - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! An an an den she ruin it an takes all ob my mousies an toys OUT an put dem ware I kins sees dem. MEEN MA!!

She git dis meeeeeen luk on her face an grumble sumtin bout *sterilizing* her teef ting.......



  1. MOL! This was quite an entertaining story Margo! Sorry meowmy found your secret stash, but that what you get fur hiding her teeth! :-P

  2. Margo, me & mom laughed so hard when we read this! Mom had to giggle because Grandmom has dentures too & she could just imagine what we would do if we ever got a hold of them! MOL

    I can't believe she moved your stash!!! Us kitties don't get our own rooms like the two-leggers do. So we never have any privacy & here our pawrents go & mess with our stashes. It's just not right. ;-)