Sunday, September 4, 2011

Noo Twist on my Snake Game!!! WOWIE!!

I bin sleepin, an an an Ma wissle an call me. I kyurees, sew I RUNS intew da bedroom. Dar a small box in da middle ob da floor. SEW WUT I tinks.

All ob a sudden, da box make a NOISE! An I tinks - WUT DAT???? Yew no, cats bees kyurees. Sew I luks an an an my SNAKE bees in dat box! An an an it rattle an rattle! DUNNO RATTLES AT ME YEW DUM SNAKE!!!

Sew I stiks my paws an an an face intew da box an GRABS dat snake - an it run away frum me! Sew I chases it agin an it fly intew da air! WUT???

Den I heers it in dat box agin, rattlin at me. Sew I gits rede tew attaks. I flattens my eeers tew my hed, my eyes gits wide as sawsers, my tale go tew fluffometer lebel 2 an an an RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!! Pounce!! I GOT YEW DUM SNAKE!!! Chomp chomp chomp chomk kik kik kik kik  WOWIE! It flew out ob da box agin, sew I turns around and LEEEEP tru da air and POUNCE on dat box an an an I KILT dat snake! Yep. I reeely did. It needed tew bees kilt. Dum snake!

Sew I luks at Ma, shakes myself, holds my tale way up in da air, an an an walks by Ma an an an I sez MROW, Ma - I kilt da snake!


1 comment:

  1. OMC! You are so brave Margo! I've heard that those rattlin kind of snake are very scary & sneaky!

    I'm glad you kilt it good. Didn't want it to go after your Ma or Benny! :-)