Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ma's Birfda

Meen Ma leeb me alone ALL DAY LONG!!!!! MEEN MA!!!! I reeely upset an an an annoy.

Ma's furrend Lainy hab a birfda day affer Ma, sew ebry yeer dey sellabrates tewgedder. AN LEEB ME ALONE ALL DAY!!! Dis wut she tol me bout her *Wonderful Day!* wuzno wunnerful for me acuz she LEEB ME ALONE ALL DAY!

Lainy take Ma tew Hannibal, Missouri, which bees on da Mississississississippi River. Furst dey eets lunsh at Golden Rod Corral. Ma try dar shiken, an an an it NO DONE!!! It no hot all da way tru, an an an it no cook rite!! Ma bees furry smart bout restrants acuz she wach Food Netwerk all da time an an an she lerns lots of stuffs bout food an an an restrants. She git mad, an hab da watress take it bak tew da hed shef. BAD BAD HED SHEF!! Parshal kuk shiken cuds makes yew REEEELY SIK!!! Sew she try meet loaf, dat mush beder. Den she hab 3 bites of SHOKLIT CAKE!!! Dat a treet. She hab a salad. AN AN AN CANTALOPE!!! My FABRIT froot! Did Ma brings  bak cantalope or meet loaf or salad fur ME???? NO. MEEN MA!! She lef me my fabrit tookey can food an sum dry food. She try to bryb me intew no gettin mad at her. IT DINNO WERKS!!

Den dey walks round Hannibal. Ma luk fur posty kards an an an only found a few. She furry disappoint. Den, wen she tol me dis, I almos panik..........

MA AN LAINY GET ON A BIG BIG BOAT an an an KROOZ down dat riber.......... I terrierfied ob moobin water an an an I yells MA WHY YEW DEW DAT?????? Yew risk yore LIFE!! She sed no no, Margo, it bin a River Boat wid a Kaptin an an an krew an it furry safe. She sed it peecful an an an relaxin. I shur glad I dinno goes wid dem!!!

Affer da bote ride, dey goes tew a LIGHTHOUSE -wudeber dat bees - is dar a DARKHOUSE, tew??? Ma sed it bin waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up on top ob a kliff, an an an I start tew gits nerbis..............I askairt ob hites..........Ma a liddl askairt, tew..... but she sed at da top ob da kliff yew kuds sees fur MILES up an an an down da riber. Dat Nice I sez.

I tinks bout dat a sekon, an an an I sez MA!!! Yew risk yore life twice an an an yew calls dat FUN an an an RELAXIN?????? I shud hab neber let yew out dat door - iffin I noo wut yew wuz agunna dew.............

But, she an Lainy come home an bot ob dem tired, but safe. I furry releebed. But I let Ma no how mush I DINNO PRESHIATES BEIN LEFT ALONE ALL DAY LONG!!! I agnores her. She sit in da rekliner an I agnores her agin. I agnore her fur a long time.

Den she ask me iffin I wants COOKIES................well, I canno resists cookies, sew I forgab her an an an ebrytin fine now!


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  1. Glad your Ma had such a nice, relaxing day, and didn't get sick from the undercooked food! Happy belated birthday, Laura-Lynne!