Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Sush a BRAVE Askairty Cat!!

Ma no *with it* dis mornng. Nope. She hab dat *foggy* luk on her face an she reeeely slow. Her brane no in geer. It cool outside, an furry warm inside. Sew she open front door, turn on seelin fan, open bak door, an an an goes bak intew her bedroom tew dews stuffs.

Ma dinno reelize dat da skreen door on da bak door compleeetly open! Sew I sits dar an an an wates. Ma neber leeb dat skreen door open. She dinno comes bak tew close it. Sew, I tinks tew myself, I wills patrol da pateeo an an an makes shur no doggie or kity bin dar!!!

But first I luks tew da rite an an an makes shur dat Hydee, da Jerk Russl Terror no outside. She dunno likes cats an an an she chase dem a bites dem. She no dar.

Sew I steps softlee ontew da pateeo. HEY!! Wut happen tew Ma's garden??? Nuttin dar but ded stuffs! HOO STOLE MA'S GARDEN!! I AGUNNA GITS YEW - hooeber stold it!!!  I smells eech pot furry carefully. I dunno smells nuttin noo.......

Sew den I investigates da GARBIJ CAN!!! WOW wut smells dat hab! REEEL STINKEEEE! I LIKES dat smell! An an an I goes round it tew nabor Donna's pateeo, an an an I gits askairt! I smells a GURLCAT on her pateeo........I dunno no dis gurlcat............UT OH..........I gits a liddl askairt. I dunno wanna fites wid a gurlcat........

All ob a sudden I hears Ma's voice *Margo, come get your cookies!*

COOKIES???? Now??? Sew eeerly in da mornin???

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! I stiks my eeers bak an an an fluffs up my hole bodee an an an runs in SKREEMIN at da top ob my lungs


Hey...........waits a minit.........WARE BEES MY COOKIES??????

Ma klose da skreen door, piks me up an an an sez *Margo, you are such a brave scardy cat!* an an an she laff!

PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I sew glad tew bees inside agin!



  1. Oh Margo what a brave girl you are! Mom says she would have totally freaked out if I had gotten outside like that.

    Of course I'm pretty *fluffy* so she could probably catch me easy enough. MOL

    Glad you wanted your cookies more than you wanted to explore.

  2. Wow, Margo, you are SUCH a brave kitty! Good for you for not wanting to fight that new girlcat next door if she were out, though. Glad you came back inside after your adventure!