Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Noo Game!

I has a noo game! Yep! It fun! It crazy! It ME mol!

See, after I uses da box, I gets frisky. Sew tewda I RACE up the steps into da bed an an an yowl. Ma pik up da cubbers sew I kins go underneeth. But I duz sumtin diffrint!

I RUN RUN RUN round da bed under da cubbers an an I find Ma's hand an ATTAK IT!!! RRRRRRRRRRRROAAARRRR!

Den I RUNS on TOP ob da cubbers round round round an an an smaks Ma's hand, an jumps OFF da bed, race round da bedroom, den bak up da steps.

Ma pik up da cubbers agin..........ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOOOOM! I races round, finds her hand an an an attak it agin! RRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!! Ma tikle me an an an I ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM out frum under da cubbers an ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM round da bed tree times an an an den off da bed an ZOOOOOOOOOM round da bedroom (eeers bak, eyes big as buttons, tale strait up, etc. yew no, WARP SPEED)!

An under da cubbers I go! All ob a sudden Ma lift UP da cubbers! I no spektin dat mol! Sew I dashes out.  She put da cubbers down an I races on top! She cubber me agin an an an tikle me! Sew I attaks her hand! RAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

DIS FUN. MA! Yew crazee like me MOL MOL!

I tired now. Nitey Nite!

1 comment:

  1. Whew we got tired out reading Margo! We love ta play wit Pops too! He dont let us play inna bedroomz az dere too many us and we used ta keep him up playin. (Spoil sportz) He does play wit us on da Couch wit dat cover! Wheee!
    You da Cats Cat, Cat!
    Love ya Margo, Ma too!
    Timmy T