Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tookey Day!!

 Soon it wills be *Thanksgiving Day*. I lukin ferwerd tew tookey day acuz I LUBS tookey! It Delishis!!! Unkie Carl  have off from werk an an an he wills cook dinner an an an brings ME a plate........mebe I wills shares it wid Ma......snicker snicker...........an an an Ma wills makes a *gingerbread* fur Ant Brenda an Unkie Carl an lets him take it home. MEEN MA beder keeps a peec ob dat fur ME acuz I LUBS gingerbreddie!!

Wen Unkie Carl get home, Ant Brenda wills call Ma an an an we wills hab purrayer an an an dinner tewgedder ober da fone. Dat wills werk. I canno waits fur MY tookey an gingerbreddie!!!! I droolin jus tinkin bout dat........

Tanksgibin a time tew bees tankful fur all da blessins we hab. We hab LOTS ob blessings!! LOTS an an an LOTS ob blessings!

Dis wut I tankful fur:

Gud, no, wunnerful food like TOOKEY an an an GINGERBREDDIE

A warm house tew libs in
My furry own bed
Ma's bed
Ma's lap
My mos eggsilint noosin skills
My wunnerful, hansum, strong, jeneris husband an an an troo lub, Mikey Howell!!
My In-Loos, Deb an an an Willis
All ob my Catster furrends
All ob my Noo Furrends from Swap-Bot

Ebryone hoo reed my diree

An mos impotintlee, Creator's Son who send Ma tew gits me an provide all my blessings!!!

Sew wut sum ob yore blessings?? Rememememeber, we needs tew has a *attitude of grattitude* al da time! We furry blessed!

Happee Tanksgibin tew ALL ob our furrends!
Mush Lubs,
Margo an Ma

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