Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ma's Birfda

Ma agunna has a birfda soon. Yep. She agunna bees 19 agin (plus 34 snicker snicker mol!). An an an as uzul, I dunno wut tew gits fur Ma. One ob her furrends volunteer tew takes me tew PetSmart or PetCo.....but dat meen a trip in da car an an an I DUNNO likes da car. I sings *opera* wen I in da car.

I wud likes tew gits her sumtin fun, like a pare ob tow soks, but her feets swells an dat willno werks. I tot bout gettin her a sombrerererereo, but yew kinno finds dem heer, an dar not nuff time fur me an Mikey tew goes tew Chiwoowoo, Meksiko agin!

Mebbe Ant Peggy kins tink ob sumtin fur her. I gots a lowance an an an dat $5.22 (I lost a few sents fur bein bad...........DUNNO ASKS!!!) sew dat shud bees nuff tew gits her sumtin. I no she like herbie tee - dat tee widout tee leebs - mebbe we kuds shares sum KATNIP TEE!!!! WOWIE dat wud bees FUN!!

(sigh) It diffykult to figgr out wut tew gits Ma. I kins always gibs her kissies an an an bonks an an an cuddles......we bot like dat, but dis yeer I wants tew dew sumtin beder.

Enebuddy got sujesshuns???


pee ess Ma's birfda bees 9/9


  1. Hey Margo,

    I know what you could get her! Since Winter is coming up soon, how about a purrty pair of gloves?

    Or maybe a matching set of gloves & hat?

  2. Harriet thinks you should get her a whole day of loving!