Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurry-Kane Ireeeeen

Oh my! Oh my! I herd dat Hurry-Kane Ireeeeeen agunna blast da East Coast..........duz yew lib dare???? Iffin yew duz, dis wut I sujest.....

Iffin yew told tew E-Vaccuum-Ate (wudeber dat meen), DEW IT!!! Dunno stays dar war yew bees!

Neber Eber dribe tru water!! Dat furry dangeris!! Six inchies ob water kins moob a car - dat all it take!! TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN' is wut dey sez.

Makes shur yew has supplies fur a few days..........INKLUDIN LOTS OB CAT (or dog) FOOD!!!! Dunno lets yore furkids goes hungreee!

 Makes shur yew has a transistor radeeeo tew kee updated on condishins iffin yew loose lektricitee. Dunno use candles - dat a BIG NO NO! Flashlites werk reeel gud, an an an mos cats LUB tew chase da lite! Sew yew kins plays wid your kitty wile it stormin! Dat wud be lots ob fun!!!

Stays safe my furrends!! I wills be purrin like krazee an an an Ma bees prayin eben now fur all ob our dear furrends on da East Coast.

Mush Lubs,
Margo & Ma

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