Sunday, August 21, 2011

I did a noo ting...........neener neener!!

I no allow on da kishen chares. Speshilly wen dey under da table. But Ma neber sed nuttin bout da kishen chare by da pantree war my food bees hidden........

Sew, yesserda I JUMPS an MAKES it on da kishen chare by da pantree war my food bees hidden! It make me askairt!!! I hi off da floor!! Sew I sits in da middle ob da chare an an an


Ma come lukin fur me an she find me on da chare. My eyes bin wide as sawsers, my eers bin flat on my an an I terrorfied ob bein sew far off da floor...........  YOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Meen Ma take one luk at me an an an she sez *Margo, you got UP into that chair, so you can get your little self DOWN!! You aren't supposed to be on the chair anyway!!*  An an an she thump me on my rumpus! Ob All da NERB!!!! Den she walk away.

Sew, I jumps down from da kishen chare an an an ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! intew da bedroom. I luks at ma an sez M E O W ! ! !  Meen Ma!


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