Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MORE on Ma's Birfda

I guess it still Ma's Birfda mol mol! Acuz I gots more tew tells yew!

Mazie an an an Angel Hazel Lucy's Mommy make Ma a POOPL skarf! OH it BEEYOOTEEFUL an an an I jelis!! MY fabrit color bees POOPL.........an an an it Ma's fabrit color, tew. But it tew big fur me. It wills keeps Ma WARM an an an COZEE dis winter!

Julie bin makin  *TRANQUILITY BLANKETS* fur a long, long time. An an an collars an hats fur Kitties an an an Doggies! Yew needs tew chek out her website - but afore yew dew, I needs tew tewlls yew dat Julie bees da bestest kroshayer I nos! She trulee PURRFESSHINAL! She make only TOP KWALITY stuffs. Her stitches bees PURRFEK an an an ebrytin she make kees us furkids nice an an an KUMFEE an an an WARM!!

She also make Skarf, hats, & babee blankies fur peeples! Yew canno find NUTTIN better! Sew pleeze chek her website out an an an SPERL your kitties an an an doggies an an an yorself, tew!


Mush Lubs,
pee ess.........Ma LUB her skarf! Tankee fur makin it fur her, Julie! 

1 comment:

  1. Wheee that is so kewl!
    We love HL and Tranquility blankies
    Purrs to you and Ma