Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happee 4 ob Jooooly!!

Happee Birfda America!! Ma an I wishies all ob our furrends a wonnerful an an an safe day!

DUNNO TELLS NO KITTY, but DDB bees reely askairt ob dem firekrakers. Ma put him in da baffroom. He furry nerbis, poor ting. I tol Ma I kuds haaaalps him an an an takes him out ob his mizree....I MEENS KEEPS HIM KUMPNEE AN AN AN bites him  I MEENS KUDDLES HIM!!! Meen Ma sed NO!

I lern sumtin noo tewda. yew no dem big farm animals wid a mane an an an tale an an an dey wares a bridal tingy in dar mouf??? I canno say dat um hooooooooooos - well yew no wut I meen.

I found out tewday dat dey got LITTLE ONES call PONIES!!! I kins say dat werd! PONY PONY PONY PONY!!! Wheeeeeee!!

MA I WANTS A PONY TEW RIDES! NOW!!! Dey smaller an an an no so hi up!

Mazie's Mommy sed dey habin PONY RIDE ware she lib. MA!!!LETS GO TO MAZIE;S HOUSE NOW!! We kins all rides dem PONIES!!! GIDDYUP PONY!!!

WUT???? Mazie lib tew far away????? We canno git dar in a few minits????? *RATS!*

Mazie kin yew sends us a PONY???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez???

Mush Lubs,

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  1. Hmm I think maybe Ma can get you a picture of a Pony! Maybe that would be good and you can ride him in your dreams.
    We love hearing from you Margo!
    Timmy and Family