Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hiya, Ma - sniff sniff sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze GAG sneeze sneeze PHEW, MA!! Wut yew warin???? It STINKEEE, but no gud stinkee..........BAD STINKEEEEEE! PHEW!!

*I'm wearing Avon's Imari*

Yew no marry, Ma! Why yew warin dat - yew lyin, Ma - yew no marry........ GAG sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze!

Why yew warin dat? Get it offs yew! I dunno like dat smell! I likes YORE smell speshilly wen yew bees STINKEE nashural!!! Sheesh, Ma!

*I like the way it smells, Margo, and when I wear it I feel pampered!*

Yew no needs no diaper, Ma. Go an an an takes a shower!!

An guess wut NO FARE dat YEW wares a purrfoooom but I dunno. I WANTS SUM PURRFOOM NOW, MA!!! I wants tew bees like yew!!!

*And what kind of perfume would you like........(I may regret asking this.........) Margo.

Owe du Stunk, Ma!! Dat it!! Owe du Stunk!!! Furry STINKEEE! It wills make yore eyes wet acuz it smell sew gud!!Yew kins gits it on eBay, Ma!!! Yew gots PayPal!!

*Margo I will NOT get you eau de skunk!! That is GROSS!!!*

MEEN MA!! It NO FARE dat yew kins wares ikee purrrfoooom but I canno wares STINKEE owe du stunk purrrrfooooom!

*Come here, Margo. I am more than willing to share my Imari with you -*

YIKES!! RUN FUR YORE LIFE!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!! KWIK - I wills hide under da bed!! NEENER NEENER, MEEN MA!! Yew canno sprays me!!




  1. Me & Myself is always amewsed by what youza doing Margo! Stay cool

  2. Margo, you need catnip or tuna perfooom. Skunk is too stinky for cats even.

    This is Allie, by the meow. I need to get my own id. Hmpf!

  3. This is a test to see if my new id shows up.

  4. heehee Margo, you are sooo funny!

  5. Eau de Stunk sounds loverly Margo! I like to find nice smelly stuff to roll in, but mom gets mad when I do that. MOL