Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello kitty furrends! I has tew bees hones wid yew. But DUNNO TELLS NO KITTY wut I agunna sez. We hab thunderstorm tewda. No bad, really, but it make me nerbis acuz litenin struk reeeeel close an an an it LOUDER den enetin I eber herd!

DDB got reeeely askairt wen dat happen! He skreem an an an fly all ober da kaj in a panik. I feel sorree fur him. He REEEELY askairt! Meen Ma wouldn't let me kumfurt him. I was agunna puts my paws round his nek - I meens AROUND him - an an an bites - I MEENS KUMFURT him!!! Meen Ma sed NO :( But I reely did feels sorree fur him.

We apposta gits bad storms all week. Guess dat meen DDB wills be libin in da baffroom tew keeps him calm durin da storms.

I has Ma an an an I kuddles wid her wen I bees askairt. Speshilly wen da storm hab ROKS in it. I HATES STORMS DAT HAS ROKS IN IT!!! Dat terrierize me :(

Sew, efurrykitty an an an famblee stays safe dis week. Ma an I always purrays wen we seez bad wether waches in da nashun.

Mush Lubs,

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  1. That is so funny Margo. Kuddlin with DDB. MOL
    We get very scary when the boom-booms come. Dad tells us to calm down and sometimes if it is real bad and long he will sing to us. He makes the words up like "My little kitties dont be scared. Dads gonna watch over you cause he cares"
    Yeah Dad will never make a buck with that but, we appreciate it.
    Purrs and Love to you and Mom Margo
    Your Pal