Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I doin beder - tankee fur yore purrayers

Meen Ma put me in a carry ting yesserda. I dunno likes dat. NO! Den Judy put me in da bak seet ob her car an an an we takes a LOOOOOOOOOOONG ride. I dinno likes it an an an I complayn. Not too loud...... dis carry ting beder den a krate!

Wen we gits out, I smells animals an an an I gits nerbis......den we go intew a liddl hous an am ob all tings, it a BADBAD VET MAN HOUS!! OH NOES!!! I DUNNO LIKES DIS.........Meen Ma an an an Judy takes me tew da BAD BAD VET MAN!! OH NOES!!

Um.......I has tew say dat he a furry nice Vet Man. He kind an an an gentle, an an an he didno hoot me. He chek me out gud. BUT, he put a stik up my bum an an an gab me a pinsch....not tew bad........ Ma gib him monee. I tinks well, dat ok, he a nice man, sew Ma kins givs him monee

Dat shot make me feel beder. I furry happee. Eben do I likes dis Dr. Smith, I DUNNO WANTS TEW GOES TEW ENE VET agin!


I was very pleased with Dr. Smith. Margo has degenerative disk disease of her spine and hip. He gave her a shot of short acting cortisone, and that has really helped her. She has her tail straight up and she has her *strut* back.

I will probably take her back for a longer acting cortisone shot. If she continues to have problems, she will need to go to the University Vet clinic for a CAT scan to see exactly where the damage is.

I am so relieved. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


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  1. Hi Margo-
    Long time since we stopped by and we were furry concerned when we read Hazel Mazel's post that you were not doing well. Now we are relieved that the Vet Man is helping and we keep you in our thoughts and purrayers to stay strong.
    Bibi, Meep & meowmie